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weigh in 18 FEb 2010 - early as unable to weigh tomorrow

Never weigh at a different time of day! Try again in the morning, you might be positivley surprised!


Strutting her stuff
I agree - you can gain 5lbs over the course of a day so don't read too much into this and don't let it stop you from staying on plan over the next week!


gunna be a fatty for ever
i changed my weigh in to evening one last week and gained 6.5lbs! its not good! lol

are you going back to morning weigh in next week?

:jelous: :jelous:

GAINED 5.5lb.....

I was weighing in evening instead of morning but as my previous posts this week have shown I am the "Queen of Self Sabotage".

Many thanks for the advise received I will be reading that more fully over the weekend.

I need to find my mojo from somewhere.


*Flings some mojo at fatsticher*

Come on you!!! Just imagine yourself outside of your own body for a second at your goal weight.

Look how amazing you look, notice how you carry yourself.... think about how other people see you... think how healthy and great you feel about yourself......

You can do this and you know it!!!
5.5 can seem like alot ( or atleast it is to me),. iv been there.. twice. afer loosing my mojo.. but you can get back on track, and some times that sort of gain is the kick up the ass you need. I know i dont touch ANYTHING i concider naughty after a gain like that, and sometimes its just what i need to get my mojo back when i see a good result for it. Relax too, try not to stress. You can do this, you know you can.

Lots of love xxx


gunna be a fatty for ever
i think if u have a really good week it will rectify its self on the scales this week. on my own scales i weight 4 lb more in the evening !

hope u r well hun and try not to worry

i would never do my weigh in at any other time.

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