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Weigh In 3 - kinda happy I guess

Well done on your loss, I can relate to what your saying having such big losses but I suppose it as to slow down somewhere. 4 lbs is fantastic good luck for next week
Thats great weight loss, some weeks will be lower than others. The girl in the chemist told me drink at least 4 liters of water but don't go over the 4 liters as your kindneys won't cope. I was a bit down last week with a weight loss of 3.5 but this week it was 5+3/4. So hang in there and drink lots ;-)your doing great.


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Week 1 = -16lbs :p:)
Week 2 = -9lbs
Week 3 = -4lbs :sigh:
Well done on your weight loss:happy096:

I think your weight loss is exceptional for the first two weeks given that most people your height would take four to six weeks to lose that amount.

Your weight loss will probably settle into a pattern from here on as your glycogen stores would be now empty and I think if you can achieve anything from 2lb, 3lb or 4lb every week you would be doing really well, anything more would be a bonus.
Thank you Mini - it really helps to have people supporting me - even if I've never met you all before. xxx


Here we go again!
Well done on the 4lbs! That really is a good loss. LT say expect to lose a stone a month so if you lost that each week from now on you would still lose more than they expect!

Please, please don't be disappointed with that, you lost so much your first 2 weeks. Not many on LT have such huge losses all the way through their weight loss.

You are doing brilliantly and must feel so much better in yourself for losing so much already. Keep up the good work, you are doing fantastic and will be at goal in no time.


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Wowwwwweeee just over 2 stone is blooming fantastic.....way to go.....did you manage to get your "AHEM" sorted ????
Honestly that is bloo*y amazing......sorry about the language but WOW

Keep it going hun xxx
*ahem* not sorted - but I am only going to suffer for one more week then I'm going to the doctor - this can't be right *grin*

Thank you for your brill words everyone - spurs me on - here's to week 4! xxx
WOW!!! That is truly amazing loss for 3 weeks - stunning:)
Thank you hun - I'm not sure my weigh in on Monday will be very good though. I just have this feeling....


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Let us all lnow how your doing... we are all interrested in how you get on...:p

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