weigh in after 3 days ! well chuffed!!

Hi all ,have been to see my cdc first thing this morning and have lost 6 3/4lbs in 3 days!! i started on monday morning !any guesses how much more by the end of 7 days??.Just wanted to share my news as i am really pleased cos didnt know how much to expect to lose on the cd 790 plan!. Here's hoping we all have a good week. Sarah xx
YEAH Sarah, Well done hon. That's FAB!! :D
Thanks for sharing your great news with us. Good news keeps us all inspired and on the right track. I can't wait to hear what your loss will be after a whole week.
Good on yer :p
Cngratulations Sarah, well done
Superb Hun, thats an excellent achievment x
Thats fantastic, well done :) :)
bluemoon xx