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Weigh-in day rituals!

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I'm sure we all have them.

Mine is not to drink anything after midday for 7pm-ish weigh-in. Also, I will not have a coffee at group until AFTER weigh-in.

How silly is that? - theoretically the good work or damage has already been done lol.

Mind you, some of them do not eat anything after midday!

What are your rules and quirks?
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Must be more dangerous not to drink anything than eat anything for 7 hours. Wouldn't have thought that was good for you. I always wear the same, and eat no carbs on the day of weighing. Mad I know. I always tell myself, I won't bother with the rituals, then I'll never have to again, but I always do


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I used to only have a cup of tea in the morning on WI day (I weigh in 9.45am). Since reaching target I have 2 cups of tea and my breakfast before I go - I'm struggling not to drop out of the bottom end of target!

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I always used to make sure I wore the same thing, I also 'forgot' to put Amy jewellery on, I even used to leave my hair down in case the hair bobble counted on the scale haha. Crazy huh?!

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it's not unreasonable to not drink after lunch etc if that's the way you weigh in every week, it keeps it constant..

if you do drink after lunch one week then you put on a pound for every pint of water that you drink (assuming you don't pee it out in the meantime.)..
S: 17st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st11lb(38.78%)
Oh yes - I forgot to mention the jewellery. It's a sort of cross between going through customs and swimming at school!

Ring, watch, iphone, wallet, - they all add-up.

A mild form of OCD I reckon!


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When I was doing Weight Wacthers online I used to weigh first thing in the morning, now the group I'm going to for SW is 9.30 in the morning so last week I wore the same and just had coffee before I left. As I'm a student I'll be going to a different group in January, that one is at 4.30 in the afternoon so not sure what I'll do, cant go without food until then! I much prefer a morning weigh in.


Just doing it this time
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I have a very 'light' day on SW wi day ! thats usually fruit for breakfast - and a salad at lunch - and I too don't drink anything after 2 pm - weigh in is at 7 pm.

I try to wear the same thing each week - but it's got so cold than I am wearing socks now and a jumper - tend to take the jumper off.

Did think that for first weigh in tomorrow of my new year - as I am classing it - was to wear my heavy jeans and jumper and eat and drink normally so I shall do the same each week to keep it consistent - don't know IF I shall be brave enough though yet?

We'll see.#

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