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  1. Rae

    Rae Full Member

    Ok so i was feeling pretty crappy about this weeks weigh in.. wasnt pleased with last weeks despite putting everything into it, working out everyday, sticking to the regime 100%, and i may have been TOTM but i was still disappointed with only a 2.5lb loss.. however... this week i decided i would stick at it just as much but i have done a little less exercise, usually i do alot of muscle workouts to make sure im toning as losing, but i only did 2 hours of sit ups, press ups, jackknifes etc this week compared to last week which was about 5 hours.. so..

    This week i have lost 3lb.. which i know may not seem like my 9lb loss the first week... BUT i am going into week 4 and not expecting those sorts of losses each week.. it would be unhealthy to lose 9lb a week lol...

    Sooo.... i am so so so so made up with my 3 lb loss... because it officially means im 1 stone 0.5lb downnnnnnnnnn!!!! :eek::eek::eek: I NEVER thought i would lose half a stone on this yet alone a whole stone and half a pounnddd!! (Yes i know its only a half but its still a little past a stone haha)

    Im over the moon i really am.. i think my stomach has shrunk to the size of a penny but thats all goooood.. my mum was trying to tempt me into having a creme egg last night as a little treat for easter as i have been taking this diet VERY seriously but i didnt succumb as i thought noo il wait for the weigh in tomorrow.. and now i know ive reached past the 1 stone off mark people can bring round 23987213987 easter eggs and bars of galaxy and i know for a fact i wont touch a single one.. im feeling rather positive today.. a little too positive ha.

    I still cant see any difference in my appearance but my mum says she can see it majorly and my nan came round who hadnt seen me in 3 weeks yesteday and said wow you look great so if the scales tell me its working then i guess it is!

    In other news.. (dont worry ill be done soon.. when i get excted my fingers get carried away on the keyboard, theyll stop soon).. I bought myself some ketostix to have a little experimentation with them.. i was curious you see and they were like 2 quid so i thought what the hell might as well!, and anyway i tested last night and im "moyen" in ketosis.. which im very happy with! So i know for real that im burnin fat! :-D

    Anyway im off to have 2 choc shakes today.. it is easter after all!

    Toodles you lovely slimmers xx
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  3. NewDawn

    NewDawn Bring on the trumpets

    Well done Rae :happy096:
  4. yo-yo-dieter

    yo-yo-dieter Silver Member

    A stone in three weeks is really good progress! You could really add a good amount to that this week if you put your mind to it.

    You look like Jennifer Ellison in your profile pic!
  5. Rae

    Rae Full Member

    Haaa i hope so! I won't be having my shakes until wednesday though as cant buy any until i get paid but just gonna try stay in ketosis with an atkins sorta diet for the next 3 days.

    Gosh i know me and miss ellison are both blonde, larger breasted (ahem) scousers but bloody ell i wish i looked like her haha!! Maybe in a years time!

  6. ladyvegas

    ladyvegas Silver Member

    Congrats Rae on the weight loss. You are doing great. I would be very happy if I could achieve the results you have been getting. I am hoping for a 2-3lb loss a week (anymore will be a brucey bonus):D:D.
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