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Weigh In Number 8 & The Gym

I've just had weigh in number 8 and lost 2lbs. While I'm delighted with the loss, an interesting thing happened last week. I joined the gym. I was sick of loosing 3lbs a week & wanted to loose an extra lb per week, so joined a gym to give me the required kick up the rear. Last Wednesday, Thursday & Friday I burned up 400 calories of cardio in the gym. Drank 4 litres of water each day to compensate for the water loss. Swam 20 lengths of the pool yesterday and end up loosing only 2lbs for the whole week. It's not TOTM or anything so no excuse. I've decided if I don't loose more than 2 or 3lbs next week, I'm not doing gym any more till I 've reached goal. What is it with women's bodies and why are they so bloody slow to lose compared to mens!
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Apparently, doing Cardo exercise whilst doing this diet isn't advisable because you're burning the calories you do need. Or something along those lines, so the reason you probably lost less is that your body was trying to cling on to the fat you were trying to lose because you were doing too much. Do swimming by all means, but try not to over exert yourself on the cardio. xxx

I might not have explained it right but I'm sure someone could explain better than me lol xxx
Seeing as i am soooooooooo lazy, that would be all the incentive i need to give up exercise!! lol

I have done none since i started, but my head wants to!! lol

At least it was a loss hun, so it's all going the right way x x
I have been a lazy butt ......and was advised as well not to over exert!! but slow stretches and medium speed walking is fine....still have lost despite no exersise...I guess input=output formulae does exist!! Good luck!
might be your gaining muscle which is heavier than fat
first if all well done on your loss this week.

Abbie is right, remember on this diet you are taking in about 475 calories (i think) so if you are burning 400 calories exercising not including calories burned doing the normal day to day things. You probably find that you are going in to negative calories and your body is going into starvation mode and storing onto the fat to use as energy. It like an emergency energy tank.

But also

It could be gaining muscle too. my advice is dont over so it. stretching and toning is great. but cardio, be careful. hope that helps
Re: Weigh In Number 8 & The Gym

Well I've Been to the gym almost everyday I've been on this diet and my losses are fine....
You just have to not over do it... If you work hard enough you will gain some muscle, just limit yourself to fat burning cardio for half hour maximum and if you want to swim only do 10 laps maximum depending on the length... You also have to think that exercise will keep you healthy, your not fit just because your thin (that's what I say to my skinny friends) the toning will obviously also help with any excess skin...

I had one week early on when I only lost 2lbs and was extremely depressed, but keeping a diary helped. I didn't do much exercise that week so I steped it up the following week and lost 5lbs

Keep it up, your losing which is fantastic and your keeping fit... Well Done Hun xx
Thank you to all who offered advice on this thread. I'm going to keep up the gym - mainly because I feel Soooo good afterwards, but try and restrict the amount of time there. I increased my water intake yesterday and lost 1lb overnight. Will be interesting to see how it goes over the next week. Thanks once again.
Seeing as i am soooooooooo lazy, that would be all the incentive i need to give up exercise!! lol

I have done none since i started, but my head wants to!! lol

At least it was a loss hun, so it's all going the right way x x
You have to start and actually do something Su, before you can give it up! Otherwise I'm going to give up smoking......before I've even started x

Ps have you ever exercised? You might like it x


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Keep going with the gym because regardless, the exercise is good for you. However, during the first weeks of starting exercise (especially if you're not used to it) your body can hold onto water. It can also then take a few weeks to settle down, but it will settle down. Measurements of your body during this time will be more motivating than the scales, but the scales will catch up in the end. It's not likely to be muscle yet, as although you will tone, muscle gain is actually incredibly difficult to attain - especially anything significant that will show up on the scale.

I know 2lb is disappointing - I was gutted last week with mine! You will be fine though :)

Did aqua yesterday for the first time at the gym after being on LT.....and loved it and had so much energy afterward. Dance classes should be fun as well.....maybe vary the routine ( so that we are working different muscles)can help lose the water we retain as well.

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