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Weigh in on day 6

Aww well done hun :) great feeling isn't it :).

Emma xXx
Thanks Emma,

I think the pharmacist thought I should have lost more :eek: but I explained that I'd already lost nearly 2 stone on my own and I was quite happy with 8lbs after 6 days.
Brings my total loss to 2 stone 5lbs :D
I am a happy bunny ;)


nearly there!! :)
awh what a fab loss well done!! eh hello tell that pharmacist ta jump its over half a stone in one week!!! (i lost 8.6lbs first week lol)!!
it is crazy like ls said weighing something u havent weighed in years!! i would have been bout 10 when i weighed what i do now haha
Thanks guys,

Does anyone else find weekends hard? I've just wanted to eat. My OH likes his bacon butties and the smell is driving me mad!! To try and ease the cravings I've just had a choc shake.......not the same but has helped.
During the week it doesn't seem to bother me and I just get on with it.


nearly there!! :)
yep im the same think its cause ive nothing i HAVE to do college etc so at home for the majority of the day!! spec cause its so wet out and i cant drive.
really cant wait for to day ta be over haha
whats worse is there is no food ere thats really bugging me just cant put my finger on it!!
agggghhh lol
:) :) :) well done you thats marvelous,keep at it


Guess who's back...?
That is fantastic Mandy - you are going to go great guns on LL - can't wait to see your weight dissolve in front of our eyes- make sure you take pics every couple of weeks as it will be so rapid, and is soooo good when you start seeing changes - makes it extremely worthwhile! x
Thanks Anna.
I feel better and i'm fitting in to clothes I haven't had on in years. :D
I will put some photos up when there is a drastic difference. I put some horror.....sorry before pics :eek: on my profile album the other day. I can hardly look at them :(. But that is the past and I'm shrinking into the future ;).


Guess who's back...?
That is a great attitude Mandy - I found some real shockers the other day and was thinking about posting them, but they are in underwear and are not the most attractive thing in the world (understatement!!) so I will probably leave those where they are - unless I decide to do naughty underwear 'after' shots... even then, perhaps a bit too much flesh for public viewing!!!
lmao.......I know what you mean, I would not have let anyone or myself take pics of me in my undies 3 months ago lol, god I didn't like looking in the mirror.
All joking apart, there was an artical in Woman magazine a couple of months back and this girl on LL had got her sister to take photos of her, in her undies, every month for 4 months!! the difference was spectacular but can you imagine having your body printed in the thousands and distributed nationally.......................perish the thought!!!!!


Guess who's back...?
Ha ha - they were taken as 'before' pics, you naughty thing you. Lol. I wish I'd done some in clothes though now - vest and shorts at least - in one particular shot my bum looks pretty hungry (i.e. it has eaten a lot of my knickers) and it's just not a good look really.
Hey ho - I'll have them to burn at the very least - at least I have a reminder.... maybe I could 'silhouette' them... ;)


Fighting Demons....
I am confused! You say you do not have a before picture taken with your clothes on (tbh i could turn this into a huge joke, but I shall refrain as it is TOO easy!) did you not get week 1 pictures done with LL? Because you will get copies of these and your AFTER photos on the last week of Foundation!

Unless the underwear ones were the week one photos. In that case, "OMG! Naughty LLC!"

B x


Guess who's back...?
Hehe - I was a bit worried when you didn't reply straight away- thought you'd taken me seriously and were frantically bashing the keys on your telephone through to head office to report my LLC! ;) x

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