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Though maybe it would be good idea if you lot are up fro it to have a weigh in result thread where each week or whenever you weigh you can post your result (good or bad and hopefully get the encouragement and support we all need at times. What do you think? Hopefully you will think its a good idea so i shall start the ball rolling. Had my first weigh in this morning at ww and pleased to say that i lost 1.5 lbs which i am soo pleased about. Really thought that i would put on or stay the same as i just seem to be eating all the time lol.

Love Busy XX
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2.5 for me this week on week 6 of CD, after AAM week where I somehow managed to translate that to eat as much as you want week!!!

Back on track today so hopefully will have a better result next week!

Well done to everyone on the losses!!


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Well done busy - you didnt think you'd lose did you so 1.5 lbs is fab!!!!

Keep it up girl. :)