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Weigh in week 2


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Im happy Ive lost 1lb so thats 4lb in 2 weeks which is amazing but Im also kind of miffed. Someone had lost 6lb after losing 7lb last week and has now lost 3stone in 11 weeks!! I just dont understand what Im doing wrong. I mean when I did WW I avaeraged at less that 1/2lb a week so I am pleased......really......I am lol

Off to plan next weeks menu perfectly now ;)
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Hey well done you !! dont worry about everybody elses weight loss... everyone is different. Sometimes it takes your body a few weeks to adjust and then you have a big loss too...

As long as you stick to it 100%, have your syns and HEX's you will see the weight and inches drop off over time. Keep your food diary and if you have any concerns over the next few weeks have a hcat with your leader who cna look over what you are eating.

You are doing fab chick - Keep it up.

Lisa xx


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Huge well done - you're doing great. There are several of us half-pounders on here. Remember, so long as those scales keep going in the right direction then that's all that counts. It's your weight loss journey, nobody else's.

Here's to another good week.

its very difficult to think positive when all we want to do is start a diet one week and get to the perfect weight a few weeks later... i have to hold my hands up.. i definately fit into that catergory..

ive sat in class and listened to members saying that they are really pleased that they only loose 1/2 lb a week.. and that they know thats the rate their body looses it... but i hate to say it...thats not me, me, well, i wanna see big weight loses every week lol...

but i spose practically we have to just resign ourselves to the fact that at least we are loosing something and not gaining...

Just would like to say on a more positive note though ..well done you... big claps all round (we do alot of that in classes lol)

Kez XX
I find it best not to think about other peoples weight loss....I go to SW with my sister in law, and used to get sooooo disheartened by her huge losses (so much so i even quit SW for a while!!). But now I have come to realise that every one is different! She is alot heavier than me and this is obviously why she loses more each week. but even so, i just try to keep in mind that everyones bodies are totally different, even if you look the same size! Just remember, you are doing this for you and no one else, and if you persevere you will make it to target eventually :) :) :) :) :)


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Dont ever be disappointed Hun...a loss is still just that! So....well done!!!
This other person could have a lot more weight to loose than you, so to begin with their losses will be higher...but as the weight comes down, the losses are smaller and just think....you could be at target by then!


Bring it on!
3 stone in 11 weeks is very unusual, don't compare yourself. Steady loss is a loss more likely to stay off, and a lb per week adds up to over 3.5 stone in a year. I am really imaptient too but i try to focus on getting healthier and fitter and staying that way for good. It takes alot of determination :)

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