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Wow! That's a really great loss on 1000. All the best for next week.

Dizzy x

Mrs Bean

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Excellent loss - keep up the fab work.


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WELL DONE gillian, you're doing BRILLIANTLY :D :D :D

Have to agree 1200 does look like an awful lot of food doesn't it. I've been on it since Monday and did wonder if I'd manage it all lol but so far so good :)

WOW who'd have thought we'd be worried about managing to eat what are, in all honesty, really not huge portions..............it's absolutely amazing and a bit frightening to remember how much we were eating before CD

Just goes to show how far we've come...............now that really is FANTASTIC


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i lost 3lbs on my 2nd week on 1000 so im really chuffed with that, im moving upto 1200 today, which is quite exciting and daunting as it seems to involve an dawful lot of food lmao

Well done Gillian - 3lbs is FAB on 1000 cals !! that's all I usually lose when SSing :(

after SS-ing - 1200cals is a HUGE amount of food - ENJOY!!