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weigh in

Hi all
I had my last weigh in today before christmas. I lost 4lb. i am going to refeed on Monday just a few days before christmas so I can have christmas dinner. Im really dreading eating again, I really want to because I have been on LT for 12 weeks with no food at all. I just wasnt ready for christmas yet, I would have preferred to have been on maintenance because I am worried that I wont go back to LT when I start eating again. :sigh:
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binger... look at your tracker!! you hav to come back after xmas... you are doing too well to give up!.. got faith in ya girl... i know you wont give up... dont worry about it and think about your goal! your soo close now
aww thank you bridetobe. You are a fantastic support. Im sorry to be going on about it but it scares me sooo!!! that people are mentioning my weight loss and I will feel so ashamed if it creeps back up on me. I still have cravings for rubbish you see. I can trust myself now because I don't even want to come of LT yet, but I need to have faith in myself on getting back on it after xmas.
If you need help getting back on give us a shout here.. we'll force u.. bridetobe can be very convincing when it comes to advice on these things! Im starting on the 31st and if you're not on it by then there will be some ass kicking done!!!
binger... you better believe it... ollie the stalker will be watching your back if you dont ;p
i know how you feel about still wanting the rubbish stuff... but i think its just a silly psychological thing our minds are gnna go through whilst we are on the shakes.. at the moment we cannot eat anything so we just feel as though we want to eat everything.. but believe me when it comes to eating you are going to be very very sensible.... at the beginning definitely, but the key is to always remain sensible.

hun, when you start refeeding it will all fall into place, you will fall in love with healthy food all over again!... i am certain that you will be okay after you finish and its absolutely natural to feel like this. i weigh myself every morning because i have this stupid fear that someone is gonna say.. what the hell are you doing you havent lost any weight.. and then i can say 'for your kind info i have lost...' :p

we're all fighting our own little demons in our heads at the moment but you did well to discuss it with everyone and i hope that it has made you feel better!...
Hi bride to be
LOL Ollie a stalker.
You have really put my mind at rest. Instead of worrying Im going to relax and enjoy christmas without being obsessed with food. It's silly really but everything and every occassion to me comes down to food. Food should just be a part of it but I think it dominates me. I relate to food and junk as what I should do to enjoy myself. Have you ever thought of being a counsellor. I think you woud be excellent.:):)
im glad you feel better hun! enjoy christmas to the max and then you will definitely feel great about starting in Jan. Unfortunately food is a big big part of every occasion.. you couldnt have much of a party without it! lol... i know the feeling tho... but I think your LT journey will help you overcome that!

aww thanx hun, but i couldnt do with being a counsellor... i need to be put in a straight jacket once in a while myself :p haha

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