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Weigh Ins - Keep you on track?

This might be a tad odd a question but please bare with me and hopefully I'll be clear lol.

What I want to know is, do you find the weekly weigh in's infront of your group to be quite important as motivation for keeping you on track each week?

What I mean is, does the thought of having your loss almost 'announced' keep you sticking to your points?

Here's the reason, I had a gastric band about a year ago and so far its the best thing I've ever done for myself but.. recently I'm cheating all the time, picking/grazing, drinking pop etc and when I weigh myself I keep cheating there too - Oh well, I've got a hoody on so that'll knock a few lbs off etc. So really, I've not lost anything but I'm making up reasons why and convincing myself that I have lost, but the scales are lying etc. I don't have anyone to answer to so, who cares etc.

So this is why I'm asking. I'm contemplating going to weightwatchers, maybe for a month or two to hopefully get me back on track as I was doing so well.

I realise I won't be able to eat all the points WW says I should, but do you think that the meetings about food education and the actual weigh in would be a motivation and a help for me? I've not REALLY lost anything since Oct :(
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I find that getting weighed weekly keeps me on track. Anything that helps us is worth a go, and if your finding that you are sabotaging yourself going to a class might nip it on the bud before you do any damage....good luck :)
Thanks, I was expecting to be told it would be a waste of time! The thing with the band is - They put it in and send you on your way but there's no one to help fix your head. You still have to 'diet' but it's all alone and meeting goers tend to think of banders as cheaters I guess.

At the moment I've not gained, but I have 6monthly appointments with my surgeon and I've lost 25lbs each time, so he wants the same this time - that's 25lbs in 6months, easy really but as it stands I'll be this weight for life!!

I think I'll go for a month on monthly pass - see if it makes a massive difference (if so, I'll consider going a month more and take it from there)

I have some 'big' dates coming up this year so am having them as mini goals!
How silly to just band you up and not give help with food. There's free joining tokens in most of the papers at the minute. I think you'll benefit from the class, they do teach you to make the right choices and that's what we all need to know to succeed, band or no band... :)
By the way there is a weight loss surgery forum on here, there might be people on there with more useful info for you :)
I had been on the WLS forum but seems that since they kicked it off the main mini's site, it doesn't really get used which makes me sad. Kinda seems to be secluding all surgery dieters from the other forums - ie challenges, health and fitness, hobbies etc ... might just be me.

Yea, I have a monthly phone call with a dietician - but again, I cheat. She asks what I eat a day, I reel off a typically healthy, balanced diet. She asks my weight loss, I knock a few pounds off. She can't actually SEE me so, yea.

Well I think I'm going to try it. I loved the 'classes' - as much as I love mini's, you can't beat actually talking to other dieters IN REAL LIFE. And you've then got the recipe ideas, the good choices help, the leader who knows everything lol...

Now to decide whether to tell them about the band or not.. it makes no health difference to me being able to go to WW (i could understand if I was keeping a medical condition from them)
i have to go to calss,,i'd only be fooling myself if i didnt have anyone to answer to,,also everyone i know knows the day i weigh in and are waiting that morn for a text to be told my loss:)
I have told everyone that im getting weighed on a Monday and that way it keeps me on track as they will be asking how well i've done - like other poster said I think going to a meeting would help you and you would be with others in our boat - all wanting to lose weight - good luck and keep posting it helps.

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