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Weigh myself today

On my day 11 and just weigh myself and I haven't lost any an ounce of weight :cry:

I know it's not scales because I weigh myself last week after I got weigh at the chemist and it gave the same reading.

I kept to the same routine as last week, same amount of water 2.5 - 3litres a day. I just don't know what happen:confused:

Did this happen to anyone else?
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what time did you weigh yourself?
Could it be that your TOTM is due so you are weighing more? Did you weigh wearing the same clothes as last time? I know its easy to say, but dont feel disheartened, there must be a reason. Someone with alot more experience will come along soon with advice.

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:character00116:debbiegirl, this happened to me but by the end of the second week the weight loss caught up with me. sometimes you don't lose much during certain days and evenings are bad because you have so much water, but wait until day 14 and you will see the weight will come off. don't be discouraged this is the way things are but you will defenetly lode something don't give up.


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Hi Derrygirl,
relax, it will be alright, as preciouschild says wait till day 14 and the weight will come off. At the start of the week you won't show much but by the end of 7 days you will see it has worked again. Now relax and trust that once you are doing everything right it will be ok. Ban the scales !!!


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CHILL - if you're 100% you WILL lose. Home scales are the spawn of the devil and plain EVIL! Leave them alone if you possibly can - it'll be fine ;) x


Here we go again!
The best advice is not to weigh at home at all but saying that, I weigh everyday at home, I know I shouldn't but it has kept me going on this.

I seem to stay the same weight or even go up a couple of pounds during the week but when it comes to saturday, my weigh day, I have always lost on this. My body just seems to know that it's weigh day and the weight has gone.

Don't get disheartened, if you're sticking to this 100% and drinking plenty of water you will lose weight.

If you can avoid the scales at home it would be better, you don't want to feel like this all the way through your journey now do you?
simple answer is DON'T weigh yourself at home!!

sticking to LT 100% will mean you lose weight. it's possible with time of the month you may retain some water and weight, but stick with it over time and you WILL see results on the official weigh ins. don't set too much store by home scales.
As said stay off the scales unless you really must

I do sometimes have a go on the gym scales as i know where they are in relation to the ones at the pharmacy but i would try and stay away
Thanks everyone for support :thankyou::grouphugg:

Going to wait until Friday to get weigh again. Going to hide the scales today to kept the temptation away.

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