Weighed in today- bit dissapointed

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!


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mrs bee! thats really good. why are you disappointed! 5 STONES!!! omg tell me your secret!!!!...

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
I know and I know this diet is fab, but think I'm always hoping for more lol!!
I need to build more excercise in now I think!!


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hi great loss please dont be disappointed you have done amazingly well
with regards to the exercise take a look at youtube type in 8 mins workout they are really cheesy but very effective

I have mentioned this link before and i beleive several guys are doing this

well done keep up the brilliant work

xx Sharron


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Thats a good loss hun
Dont get disheartened by it in the slightest, we need to set realistic goals hun & 9lbs in 2wk is a bit high but good luck I really hope ya do it.
You are a star just look at what you have achieved so far your amazing :)


Feeling fab!
I lost 3, had hoped for more really!

Have 9lbs to lose for a 5 stone loss, hope that comes off in next 2 weeks!!

-3 is a good loss. Don't be disheartened. You have done fantastically well loosing as much as you have. You are an inspiration:party0038:
Thankyou so much for all your support and texts each day this week helping me get through my first week. Your a star :bliss:


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Hi Hun, you have had amazing loses so please don't get down, i hope the diet works out for me as it has for you. Keep up the good work. xx


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You have done so fantasticly well, im going to loose 5 stone too, if you can do it then so can i ^^

a loss is better than no loss at all, :):):)

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Thanks guys, I know I should not complain, silly really, If I was still on slimming world or similar I would never have lost what I have and 3lbs would have made me over the moon! Maybe I'm geting too greedy!! lol

slinky, you have done amazingly well this week, this is the hardest bit and you have already got to your 1st weigh day....well you're only hours awy, really excited to hear how you get on xx


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5 stones is mega babe!!!!!!!!How many dress sizes you dropped?can you really tell?! well done hon and keep trucking. I know what you mean about the disappointment but seriously you are doing so well, and ur right, would be a completely different story at slimming world. xxxxxxxxx

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Remember all thes 3lbs here and there add up so quickly. Well done. XX


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its a great loss hun and your well on your way to your 5stone target, gud for ya!!


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great loss hun, keep it up....5 stones will be an amazing achievement...you have done fantastically well so far...congrats