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Weighing ... HOW?!!


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Errrm ... kitchen scales?? :)


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Just weigh it on the scales before I cook/bake it ?


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Yup kitchen scales hun. i have a very good calorie counting book which gives calorific/gat/gi values of non branded stuff if you want the author I can get it Carolyn someone - only a couple of quid on Amazon xx


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Yes please rachie - and jan :rotflmao: i know but i just thought well if one potatoe is over 4oz or whatever what do i do just cut a bit off? lol

Ok, its official, im stupd! lol


It really does work! :)
I had some cheap asda smartprice scales in the kitchen from baking with the little one. Not the most accurate.

If it's only slightly over, I would suggest not to worry about it (my opinion), but by slightly I'm not meaning half the size again - you know what I'm saying.

You'd be at it all day trying to find a 4oz exact weighing spud and your fish fillets would be more like sushi strips by the time you've got the exact weight! :)
Hi Summergurl

If you have a Home+Bargin by you they sell small W.W. scales for 99p they are ideal, once you weigh a potatoe gives you an idea of the size when you are buying them.

What I did (with my daughter she was on it with me) write a two week menu and buy stuff for refeed and put it away in a box...saves a big bill at the end!!!
I also wrote a shopping list and got a big shop to last the two weeks refeed but still need to top up on the salads.

Another tip is to keep your eye on the fish counters at the end of the day when they reduce it we got Cod it was £8 a kilo reduced to £2 a kilo they take the skin off and prepare it got about 15 portions for around a fiver...bargin!!! cheaper than tuna which is best bought when it is sold in packs of 4 BOGOF.

I am really enjoying the refeed the food tastes so much nicer the only thing I am a bit scared of is drinking again...my liver must have been singing the last few months (wont say how old I am) but first time it has been alcohol free since I was about 16!! I like a drink more than most but funny enough have not missed it.

I started my refeed last Friday after losing 3stone 4 in 11 weeks off to Turkey soon (would have stayed on it another month otherwise)...found the diet FANTASTIC!!!!

Started off size 22 and can get in a 16 now... going to do a car boot to sell our old stuff would LOVE to have posted some pics but did not post much so can't although I lived on this site.

Good luck on the rest of your time it will fly by you are doing GREAT we were like you and did not cheat once don't see the point.

Thanks to everyone for making this a great place to hang out. xxx


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Thanks mrs M - i do have scales as i cook alot but am thinking now of investing in digital ones - im excited at getting new scales!!! hahaha

Mrs m - the fish you buy from the counter - when they cut it into portions for you are you able to freeze them portions???


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Ooh thanks kred :D


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summer, i also do the fish counter thing and pop the portions in the freezer.
also, i have started buying my potatoes grom the local grocers so that i can weigh them before i buy - that way i don't have to chop them up :)


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Now thats a good idea dd :) thanks x
Yes... you just ask them for some extra bags ( I did) and bag them up when you get home. Fish can be soooooo expensive so this is an ideal way to save money, I just get it out of the freezer the night before.
Tesco,s are selling Schwartz new cajun chicken spices on offer at the moment 3 for £1.50 instead of a £ each really yummy baked on top of the fish and gorgeous on chicken!!

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