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weighing yourself

Hello again!
I think I may have developed a new obssession in place of eating - weighing myself! I know its bad and I shouldn't do it incase I get disheartened (my scales are very similar if not the same as the chemist ones) but I cant help it, its only once a day but when I see I'm losing, it helps me to carry on. Does anyone else weigh themselves? :hmm:
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God, I have developed OCD with the scales! Have managed to keep it to once a day this week but last week it was practically everytime I went to the toilet!!
lol i always do it in the morning after ive been for a morning wee lol which by the way usually lasts about 5 hours! ha ha xx


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I weigh myself every few days, I tend to do it Mondays and Fridays :p


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haha me n you are so similar its quite scary!x


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I also weigh every day, first thing in the morning when I get up after my first wee wee, its a great incentive to see those lbs melting away.
yeah me too usually every morning!


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Yeah me too guilty of it! You only fall into the trap of it when you start dwelling on the fact that your weight fluctuates...if you know that and dont care then like Kered said its a great incentive! Seeing the weight go down during the week really keeps me going i have to say!xx


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I am so glad you posted as I thought it was just me losing it!! I weigh myself every morning and every night just to see. I know I shouldn't but I just do.


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I weigh twice a day first thing in a morning after a wee and last thing at night just before I go to bed. I also weigh naked so that I can't blame what I'm wearing for any extra lbs.


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Hi guys, yes me too, I weigh myself every morning after the loo. Sometimes I think that's why I wake up early lol..
It gives me a good incentive to stick with it for the rest of the day..... although if I did gain any it wouldn't really bother me because I can tell in my clothes too :D


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You guys are sooo naughty lol


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Sorry Guys, But Im gonna have to tell you all off here!

Please dont do this!
It doesnt matter how similar your scales are or not, your body weight will be fluctuating and it will go up at points and your going to end up being disapointed.. Ive seen a few people do this on the forum, a few days later they have posted a thread saying they have cheated... And then a few days maybe a week later you dont hear from them again.

Honestly the best thing is to wait for your weekly weigh ins... Then its a surprise as to what you have lost and a bigger loss will weigh spur you on more rather than a 1lb from the time you weighed yourself at home..

I did it myself at the beginning, Weighed myself on my boyfriends scales before going to the chemist though I had lost like 4lbs more than what the weigh in at the chemist told me.. And To say I was gutted was an understatement.

Please stop cheating and weighing yourselfs

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