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Weight and hight

I dont know mine in your measurements but i am 5" 8 and i currently weigh 13 stone, thanks to my height i carry it quite well and people are generally surprised when i say how much i weight but i would like to gte to between 10.5 - 11 stone
Hi Sam! ok, so heres me - I am 5 foot 7 inches (so 170.18 centimetres) according to the bmi calculator I should be 11 stone so thats my first goal and am going to see how I feel with myself after I reach that (I was 18 stone :eek: when I started ww in April, am now 12stone 12) Its funny though, because even at 12.12, which is weighing quite alot, I am fitting my bum into a size 12!! (well, just about - but still!!) so am thinking I must be "heavy boned" (ha ha I sound like cartman from south park now)

I think for that reason (peoples build) there is talk of "doing away" with the whole bmi calculation thing - because you cant give every person (because of all the different builds) one number for their height, if you know what I mean.

Hope you dont mind but I worked out yours incase you want a rough estimate of a target - (sorry im rubbish with cm and kilos) so, you are 169cm tall which makes you roughly (just under) 5 foot 7 inches, you weigh 92 kilos so thats 202pounds (or 14 stone 4) so according to the bmi calculator, you need to be 11 stone to be in the normal range - a loss of 3 stone 4 (or loss of 20 kilos) which is COMPLETELY achievable!!!! my God girl, you'll be thin in no time!!

Weightwatchers say that you can loose between 1-2 pounds a week -I know this varies more or less but for argument sake - if you loose 2 pounds a week you will be at goal (if 11 stone is that) on the 11th of May next year!! soooo if you give this 100% for just 5 months of your life you will be thin!!! imagine!! I KNOW you could do that!!! just 5 months!! (or thereabouts) (hope I wasnt interfering there, just wanted to work it out for you)

Might I suggest doing a ticker too? if you go to Trying To Conceive Ticker work one out, copy and paste into your signature - I just find it fabulous to update my losses each week - it keeps me motivated to a degree to see it coming down and down....

The very best of luck chicken, this is so achievable - come on!!! we both have the same target!! we can get there!!
oh and Sam, am just thinking, maybe its not fair to say 2pounds a week because, I think as you get in the last stone/ half stone it gets a little harder to shed i.e. 1lb to 1/2 an lb per week and taking into account Christmas week (I plan to stay the same for the two weeks over Christmas and New year - I want to relax and have my Christmas dinner and a few drinks but am not going to go too mad either) BUT taking all that in to account you could still be in a bikini for next summer! imagine that!!!!!!!


is gonna shine in 2009
i'm 5'5 and 15st 8 and must have heavy bones too lol cos no one can believe i need to lose over 5st
Yeah the BMI thing is a litte strange I would say. For example one of my friend's BMI is quite normal-so the BMI says that she has actually a perfect weight. But she has a quite chubby belly which she hates a lot. And she definitely doesn't feel confortable with her weight and that belly.

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