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Weight Chart

I would be very careful and not put too much on what you 'should' be for your height.

I am 4 foot 11, and according to BMI, the lowest acceptable weight for my height is 7st 1lb and the highest 8st 12lb.

I am currently 8st 11lb and have set a target of 8st 9lb as I don't want to lose all my body fat and look like a skeleton.

I look (people say) and feel fantastic now - size 8/10 and certainly don't want to end up a twig and constantly worrying about what I eat.

Are the books very diffent? i mean have the syn values changed alot? im thinking of buying the books instead of going to a class... what do you get in the class?


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the books arent different. if i were you, just go to the first class it is £9.95 at the moment, get the books, a bit of knowledge then if you are disciplined enough to do it at home then go for it.

i have tried unsuccessfully to do it on my own thats why i am back at class.
The new books are different from those years back (mine is VERY different from the current book!!). I don't think much has changed in the last year though, although syn values do change all the time and the only way you can keep up with this is with the online SW site.

As Tara says, you'd be better off paying a tenner and getting all the current info from group. If you've never done SW before it's worth staying a few weeks until you get the hang of it.
I know that at 5'8, the lowest acceptable weight has always been 9 stone 5lbs.

Well when I say always, I mean since I first joined in 2002!

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