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**Weight Dropping Wednesday Daily Thread**

Good Morning, looks like I am starting thread again and I am rubbish with thinking up names !!!!

Feel quite light headed this morning, having a cuppa and will have my shake at 9am followed by a walk if I am feeling up to it.

My house needs a serious clean today !!!! And my irnoning pile is gettig out of control ! I must get some things done around the house !!!!!

How's everyone's morning ???
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HI Charley and a good morning to you.

Hope the lightheadedness goes soon.

I'm feeling good this morning - day 2 back on sole source after my add a meal week. Just trying to get the children off to school and then take the little one to pre-school and then like you get into the housework. My kitchen looks like a bombs hit it and I have laundry (clean) covering nearly every floor in the house - why my children have to empty every drawer every day I don't know. Still have a small chest of drawers in the garage so might go and dig that out and have a rearrange and see if that makes any difference (some chance!!)

Hope everyone else is waking up to a good day.
Hi Setas, thank you :)

Good Luck for day 2 SSing again, how did add a meal week go???

Sounds like you will be having a day of getting organised ! Good plan, anything to detract the mind from food !

I will be sad to go back to work next Friday as I will miss my mornings with my miniminners !!!! But my shoulder is healing well now and my physio exersizes helping, so I will return. Hopefully after 12 days of SSing I will go back in to work a stone down !!!! Would be good as my pants were soooo tight before I had my fall and I was stuggling with clothes to wear each day !

It's cold and rainy here in the north east today - but it's good walking weather.....means not many people out and about so they can't see my bum waddling down the street hehe ! x


this time - the last time
Good morning!

I feel thinner today! It's raining, and my trousers are dragging in the puddles more than usual! This must mean my belly/legs must be slightly smaller than 2days ago when I last wore them!

Whenever I lose weight....first indicator always tends to be long arms or long legs in my clothes. I feel a bit like I've borrowed clothes from my 6ft 4in OH! (chance would be a fine thing - given he's a skinny one!)
Hi Jay, hehe about the puddles, I know what you mean, sopping wet trousers.....we must see the good in this, your waist just can't hold them up as it did before !

I tried a jumper of my hubby's on a whle back and I looked like a kid playing dress up!

My OH is 6'4 too ! His jeans would drag on the floor if I tried, but I can't cos his legs are waaayyy skinner than mine lol !


this time - the last time
Hope you enjoy your walk!

I've got my week 1 weigh in/measure in tonight. So fingers crossed it goes ok.

Have a good day!
morning everyone and good luck with weigh in jayellekay :)

I am soooooo angry at myself , today should have been day 4 100 % ( after a week of doing it 98%) so i would have been hitting ketosis .. so what did i do yesterday .. hit the flippling biscuit barrel again !!! why biscuits ???? why why ???? grrrrr sooo stupid , I seem to do it every time and its always the damn biscuits , which I never ate before CD so why do I want them so much ????
My scales are showing no damage , but i have damaged my getting into ketosis :( grrrrr BUT line to be drawn

today I am taking Elena ( 4) and Abigail (1) to playgroup then going to my parents for lunch ( I am taking my porridge) , my mum has broken her arm so will give them a hand with anything that needs doing , then maybe go for a walk .

I am wokring night shift tomorrow night and it would have been easier if i had been in ketosis but i will manage .. I need to stop buying biscuits but the kids love them as a treat ....

hope everyone has a great day :)
Ah hun you are HUMAN and we have all been there, the best thing is draw a line and not keep the nibbles going today, grab your shake and stay on minimins, that's what I do when I feel a wobble coming on !

Hope you have a good time at playgroup and your Mum;s, enjoy your porridge. I had my first pecan and maple last nigt - loved it ! Sister and family had pizza, chips and garlic sauce :(

It's hard not having treats in the house, my girls have packed lunches so there is always something in !!!

Even worse there are lots of xmas choccys in my house !!!!!!!!!!

Stay strong and we can all do this together !
wet and horrid here as well, bit of hoovering and dusting this morning, just cooking Mr T some sausages for a picnic platter when he arrives home from London tonight.....and I am pleased to say it isn't tempting me at all, despite being rather fond of the odd sausage or 2!
Taking Master T to a new Judo class this afternoon, hope he likes it, I am always looking for ways to use up and channel his boundless energy.....if only I ate the diet and took part in the exercise I plan for him ,I would be the picture of health.....still I will be eventually with help from cd and my mm chums.
Then looking forward to Mr T coming home mid evening-always seems likes he's away for ages ,even though only only 1 night and a working day. Although it was nice to watch my soaps without grief!

Happy Wednesday everyone x
Morning all :)

well i woke with a massive headache this morning, dont think i drank enough yesterday! Had 2 paracetamol and a nice warm water from the kettle and it seems to have settled :)

Today's plans are to do some housework and try and go for a walk with the pram.

Good luck to all who are weighing today x
Morning all
Still going lightheaded when I stand. Slap my wrists, I only had 2 shakes yesterday. Seriously need to up my water intake too but I struggle to get it in as always entertaining my 9 month old. But he's at his nanans this afternoon so a house blitz with lots of water and tea will be the plan
Thanks for starting the daily thread, Charley!

Morning Ladies --

It is cold and rainy here in Cambs. I am going to have read my magazine and sit with the light box on for bit this morning. (It so helps.)

I, too, have the kitchen, etc. to get sorted -- and better get at it, as I am cooking a big meal for guests tonight.

@Charley -- Please do not say the "I" word. I hate it soooo much, I have a mountain of it. I'd almost rather buy new clothes than iron the ones we have. (I was given the number of an ironing lady... I will probably call her today.)

@Setas -- Good luck with your SSing today. And, how did the add a meal go? Did you stay low carb, so you'd remain in ketosis?

@Determinator -- Are there any biscuits that your children like that you don't? I try to buy things that my family loves and I don't, when I am ssing. For example, I made Chicken Curry last night... it smelled good, but it is not one of my favs -- so eating it wasn't a big temptation.

@Charley -- The chocs left my house and went to work with DH to set out near the coffee pot to share. It'll be months before I could have even one... so, why keep them?

@janellekay -- you and your OH must look so cute together... as your stats say you are only 5 foot! Congrats on getting your hems wet!

@ Mrs. T -- Glad to hear the sausages are not tempting you (I love the way the smell when they are being grilled).

Re: Master T -- I have a jogging trampoline (bought it at Tescos -- it folds in 1/2... bit of pain to do it, but it does). I bought it for my DD to use on rainy days to "expend energy". We have a large fenced trampoline in the back garden.

@Nicanancy -- I hope you feel better, soon.

It sounds like all of our homes will be "company ready" by this afternoon. Yeah!

Time to start on the green tea (hoping to get 3 cups in before early afternoon, as it gives me energy).

Morning dieters! :)

Well scales haven't moved AGAIN! Could be the two bars I had last night- oops! Butt tbh they gave me such bad wind last night so I'm bein punished lol!

Anyway just had a maple porridge and ohh my it was yummy :)

Just want to get as close to 16stone before my operation! I'm like a smudge above 17stone.

God it's awful weather today! My DD is at playschool all day and then off to get aunties after, god I love my babies so much.

I think this diet is opening my eyes to how much I love my little family, I love my OH and my children! I need to get to goal! I'm so scared about putting weight on :-(
MM we had an ironing lady when we both worked, and my guilty pleasure is we still do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I iron all Master T's stuff and jeans , but I am rubbish at ironing(maybe because I am one of those left handed, but hold the iron in my right hand????) and Mr T has a formal work wardrobe of many large shirts.
Perhaps if I had the practical support from my parents like many of my friends do I would have stopped using her, but I don't and if we can make life easier in any way than why the heck not.....go on MM phone her today!X
Thanks Mrs T --

I feel guilty about wanting an ironing lady when I am not working outside the house... but my DH has loads of long sleeved cotton shirts for work that need ironing and they just pile up. sometimes he even gets up and irons one himself before work and I feel guilty about that!

But, I am going to call and see how it goes. And, you are right -- I have never had any family support. I have lived hundreds now thousands of miles from my family (and in-laws)... no free childcare, no help around the house, no emergency contact, etc. Not easy.

Kimmie -- I had one bar yesterday -- the caramel, and it gave me such bad "gas pains". That malitol in them must really disagree with me. Yuck! I could not even imagine what would happen if I ate two?! I'd probably explode -- like in that Monty Python movie.

Shame you don't live here minniemel - I love ironing (i know I really am sad). Its just a shame I don't like the washing, folding and putting away that goes with it!!!

I stuck to green and white food for my AAM week - followed 810 to the letter - so i didn't drop out of ketosis and lost 3lbs on my CDCs scales (only one on mine but I'm not going to argue with hers!!!). To be honest I hated it - loved the food but hated having to think about it, prepare it etc. SS is just so much easier and I am so very glad to be back on it.

managed to get 95% of the clothes sorted and put away but bored with that now so better try and sort the kitchen a bit!
Hiya !

Mrs T - Ohh sausages !!! Glad Mr T Almost home and yes, wish I had the energy of my kids too!

Nica - Hope that headache shifts and enjoy your walk ! I just id about half a mile today and visited a friend !

Chelle - Hope the lightheadness goes, I had it this morning so had a cuppa with milk (I have always had a few cuppas while on Cd) Sorted me right out !

Oh Minnie it's horrid isn't it !!!! I haven's started yet, I do have the cold feet box set thru to watch while (the i word) !!!

Kimmie, don't worry it means you have't PUT ON !!!!! And that's what scaring me too, bearing in mind I have got to goal and regained ! Must stay focused !

Oh Mrs T you lucky thing !!!!!!! I don't mind ironing my 6 year old daughters clothes cos they are teeny, but my 11 year old daughters take longer - and I don't iron my husbands....I went on strike about 5 years ago....he does his own !
Ah MM sorry to hear about lack of support, it must be difficult, we have our in laws who are fab....my mother has only babysat my eldest once....she never offers yet only lives an hour away....I stopped caring a while back !

Setas 3lbs is amazing !!!! Well done ! Sounds like you have a busy day too ! I am off for a bit Just Dance 2....will be sweating buckets soon !

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