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Weight gain - am I naive?

I've had an ante-natal appt and scan today and I've gained 3lb in the last 4 weeks. I'm 30 weeks now and have gained 4.5lbs in total to date. I'm actually fairly happy with that and figure that baby plus fluids is probably weighing more than 4.5lbs.

However, I have noticed that in the last couple of weeks I am much hungrier than I was before and am definitely eating more. So more weight gain is probably on the cards in the next few weeks. I'm choosing not to worry too much about this for various reasons:

1 - I've been hyper-emetic for most of the pregnancy and although that has finally reduced so that I'm not hyper-emetic anymore, I am still suffering morning sickness and still throwing up daily. So I figure I have to focus on eating what appeals and is most likely to stay down and eat when I feel like it as morning sickness in the final trimester is more of a problem for the baby than in the first as it can impair the child's growth in the final term.

2- due to problems in my pregnancy with DS and concerns in this one, the baby will be delivered between 36-38 weeks by C-section (unless it decides to come earlier as DS did) - ie 2-4 weeks early. The docs have said I will not be allowed to go past 38 weeks. So that means the baby misses out on the last few weeks where they are usually piling on weight so I feel I have to let it gain what it can now as docs generally seem to consider being over 5lb as helpful for a prem.

3 - As I've only 6-8 weeks to go, I figure I'm not likely to do my "real" weight that much damage. Much of any gain now will be baby. It's not as though I'm using my extra hunger now as an excuse to mainline chocolate, I'm mostly eating extra fruit and extra sandwiches and generally "proper" food.

Does that sound reasonable or am I deluding myself?
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Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, your weight gain is far below what is expected in a healthy pregnancy so as you say anything you gain in the next few weeks is going to be beneficial to the baby who at the very least is going to be 2 weeks early. As you say they pile on the weight in the last couple of weeks which it will miss out on and I t is not going to do you any harm as you should have gained on average 1 1/2 stones, you are no where near that , so by the time you have had baby, you will have lost baby weight, placenta weight, excess blood and water weight, you will very likely be lighter than when you started. Just concentrate on eating what you fancy when you fancy it and you will be just fine;)


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ditto what jo said really. It sounds very reasonable to me, and what your doing....eating what you fancy and when is best for you and baby to get nutrients whilst still suffering with sickness. I would not be concerned with the weight you have gained in the slightest, your baby probably takes up 1/2 that amount already!

Take care x
Thanks ladies, the doc estimated at the scan yesterday that the baby is 1.4kg so probably about 3lb and then there's all the water etc to consider. I'm amazed at how much bigger I feel for such a small weight gain. I really feel like a heifer heaving myself out of chairs etc!
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i think what u have said is very reasonable! i am only plannign to gain a max of 5lbs in my last 5 weeks but at the moment i cant hardly eat anything! 5 mouth fulls and im fit to burst! i have lost 3lbs off what i was when i fell pregnant and scan estimated babys weight at 5lbs 3oz so i definatly hope to come out weighing less than when i fell xx

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It sounds just fine to me. As the other ladies have said u'll prob not gain mich

I must weigh myself out of interest not weighed in ages but still in size 16 jeans altho maternity ones. Its the last wks that u gain though so fingers crossed xx

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