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weight gone up

hi all

well the story is ive been trying to get back on track after falling off the wagon :break_diet:several times. ive not been well so ive been on and off the diet this week.

i lost 2lbs last week but i did break the diet, ive been going on the scales everyday and no change but this morning ive gone up nearly 2lbs
im really sad its just soooo disheartening

a really dont know if i should carry on

its soo hard to get back in the ketosis stage ive been drinking loads and just shakes and bars. i wonder if its the bars that are kicking me out of ketosis

ive got a weigh in on monday

im sorry for being so depressing
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some people do find that the bars knock them out of ketosis. maybe give them a miss for a wee while. start today just have shakes and water you will lose that 2lbs before weigh in and maybe another pound or two. you have to do what is right for you at the end of the day. you were doing so well aswell i dont think you should give up yet come on gt back on the wagon you can do it :) :) xx


please try again
i would give the bars a miss for a lil while until your firmly back in ketosis
bars are a bit higher in carbs and suggested not to have them until week 3

im on a restart ( week 2 ) and am gonna see how long i can go without the bars this time
dont apologise, thats what the forum is for.....if you;ve not been 100% on ss then thats why your loss hasnt been great this week, but the week is past now so look forward. perhaps cut the bars down to only 3 a week (I save mine for the weekends) and see if that helps...dont give up you oew to yourself to keep going...you have done well so far x
thanks guys
well ive had a bar this morning so il have to start again from tommorow, and when i go for my supply on monday il only get 3 or 4 for the week. i dont think i can live without them

il try my best for monday.


please try again
why start again from tomorrow hun?
stick with it, you will be glad you have for next weigh in
yeah true il just carry on today even though i had the bar in the morning

the other thing is the water flavouring ive been having the berry 1 for a week does that kick u out of ketosis aswell


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i don't think so hon, no. you're only supposed to have a teaspoon of it per day though. keep going. if you drink loads of water and keep going you'll have lost that 2lbs. it's just water retention. not fat. and we're all here to lose fat after all. get measuring yourself. you've probably lost size even with the weight gain.

abz xx
oh thanks everybody i feel a much better

il drink loads today and ive got three shakes to go

il let u know what happens on monday


Restart 3/9/2013
Dont know about anyone else, but I found that once I broke the diet, it took me a bit longer to get back in to ketosis than it did the first time round? Dont know why, but it took me at least an extra day, and has taken a week for me to get back into a strong ketosis where I spent my entire first 3 1/2 weeks before my "night off"! But I am back in and feeling blooming marvellous again now!

Think what I am trying to say is just perserver - stick with it 100% and you will be properly back in ketosis, even if it takes you a day or 2 longer than before :)

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