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Weight in day...


I'm just wondering what everyone eats on there WI days??

I'm terrible and have my porridge with a cup of tea and then I starve myself all day until WI which is prob a really bad thing to do!!

Am I on my own here or do other people do this? :-s
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Overweight or undertall?!
i usually have a lighter lunch consisting of plenty of fruit and yoghurt!


adores posting
Hi i have fruit and yoghurt for breakfast and normally have the same for lunch but as im doing ww this week i'l have a pack of ww crackers with a laughing cow triangle for luch as they are still quite light (cant believe how silly that sounds)lol:eek:
I weigh myself on a Monday morning so this really isn't an issue for me. When I have dieted in the past I would eat normally untill about 4pm (weigh in was at 7pm) and then wait untill I had been weighed before having anything else.

As long as you eat roughly the same amount of foods every weigh in day the results will be accurate, whether that be eating regularly or eating lighter that day as I know some people prefer to eat light on weigh in day.

Hope that helps in some way.
Good luck. xxx
my weigh in is friday at 10.00am so i have a light dinner the night before, 1 cuppa tea in the morning and i take a breakfast bar to my meeting and scoff it down after weigh in.
fridays a good weigh in because i can exercise manically if i have over eaten the weekend lol

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