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Weight loss after you give birth?


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I was just wondering what you gals plan on doing for weight loss after you've had your babies (if you need to of course)

I never breastfed my first and though I wanted to try this time around I've kind of talked myself out of it because I want to do something like CD or LT because I am just so desperate to lose the weight!

Lissy xx
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I think i will brestfeed this little one. Though ill be more careful when i stop. As with my last wee one it was when i stopped breastfeeding i put on 2.5 stone. More than i did while pregnant. But my main reason to try brestfeedin again is my daughter would only take from one side and so ive been left with one nipple much bigger than the other. So this one will be gettin put on d other side right away lol see if i cant get them both the same!!!

Then if i had the will power i might try CD again....

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My eldest never took to breast feeding no idea if it was my not supplying right or her not feeding right but she only fed twice in 48 hours and then the midwives refused to let me go home till i'd bottle fed her.. so that was that basically. Being 11 years older now, I'm going to make sure I ask and ask and ask for help to get it right this time, I'd really like the bonding etc. BUT I'm also totally aware of the fact that baby has to do his or her part too! lol

So... IF I breast feed, then it'll be healthy eating till finished, then CD.
If I bottle feed my CDC said she can have me back 3 months later - so i'll be back there come spring next year.
I WILL go back to CD as it's the only thing I can ever stick. I'm currently 182lb and still in the obese range (just) so need to lose weight still.

I'm not going to fret over losing while pregnant but I'd like to stay in the 12 stone range for as long as I possibly can.. I've just hit 13 st so need to lose some weight to stay in that range! lol
My wee one wouldnt feed either lol think it was down to the morphine. We left the hospital the following day and the midwife came on the monday n she hadnt fed, and had gone down 9ozs. But id be more aware now . But they were so busy..

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my goodness that's a worry isn't it :( and to think you didn't have any care in that time too ((hugs))


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My personal experience has been while its hard and still have some too loose......its more difficult when you are back to work.....as you go for the easy option every time and being tired I am constantly reaching for the quick pick me ups (ie sweeties etc)......

Back to Minimins as started back on the Low GI wagon today Yah!

Best of luck ladies!!


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I may still give breastfeeding a go then, that way if baby doesn't take to it I won't feel like I cheated her out of a good thing so I could lose weight and if it goes well I could try it for a few months that way she's at least getting a good start
my idea is to express if I don't get the hang of breast feeding.

My friends step daugher, who is in her early 20's has breast fed both of hers and she is a breast feeding buddy/ is involved with teaching mums what to do. Will try not to get too hung up by it what ever happens


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I'm planning to express for the first 3-7 days and then move on to formula. I won't be allowed to breast feed properly for a long period of time as i can't take in enough nutrients to do so, but i would like baby to get the benefits of colostrum. By expressing and using bottles from the start and mix feeding formula/breastmilk it should avoid those transition problems from one type of feeding to another.

I breastfed my son for 9 weeks, and found that he needed feeding every 1 1/2 hours day and night. With my health problems it was awful as I was exhausted and couldn't cope. There is a lot of pressure for mums to breastfeed and for some people it just doesn't work out, and we shouldn't be made to feel guilty for that. [/rant]
Breastfeeding isnt for everyone. I didnt even try with my son. But did with my daughter. And where he had a bottle every 4 hours and slept through the nite right away. She was gettin fed every 2 hours and up durin the nite. It was exhaustin and when she was around 5 months i ended up adding formula too. But i was glad i did it. I enjoyed it. I tried expressing but just couldnt get enough! My wee girl tho suffered from ear infections most weeks and ended up having grommets at a year old. She was always ill with a cold or cough. Often made me wonder why i bothered breastfeeding. But as the health visitor told me imagine what she might have been like had i not!!! I guess we'll never no. As my son was perfectly healthy n bottlefed lolol

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I didn't know there were breastfeeding buddies, what a fab system, hope they have it near here. :)

I tried expressing when my daughter wouldn't take to the breast, boy it was torture! I have to admit I hated it.. I was already a bit 'over full' and despite midwife trying to help me I pumped for an hour and had about a quarter of an ounce.. perhaps this was the problem.

I guess we will all have to wait and see! lol but hope for whatever is the best for us - baby and ourselves. :)
In my area they are called community mothers. And there just mums who have breastfed, so have been through it all. In my local maternity they have also just employed breastfeeding nurses too. Which is great as one of the most common complaints is that midwifes dont have the time needed to help new mums breastfeed. SO theres always a breastfeeding nurse there now covering all shifts.

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really good to know. last time the night staff were lovely but the day crew were awful, and had no time for anything I don't think.

will be asking for more help this time. Am a little concerned also though as I had a lumpectomy (benign) 4 years ago, so need to ask my midwife if this rules out feeding or not. The lump was just behind my nipple area (to one side) so right in the middle of it 'all'. I am a bit worried that this will put my breast out of service so to speak, but if it does, well there is nothing I can do abou that.
If it does u will always have the other one. As with my DD she only took from one side and wouldnt entertain d other. Only thing u might end up like me with one nipple bigger than d other lol not the end of the world tho

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I don't mind that, if it is for a good cause! lol Will see how things pan out :) I didn't realise you could feed just on the one breast.
Oh yeah. And i fed her for 9 months, at that point she chose not to take anymore. So i was happy with that. I did give her the odd bottle when i was out anywhere as im not one of these mums that feels comfortable feeding in front of ppl.

As my midwife said if u had twins ud always be feeding them on one boob each. Plus if u just use one, the more u put baby on the more it will produce.

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