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  1. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Anyone looking for a weight loss buddy?

    I'm starting cd for the second and FINAL time tomorrow!, x
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  3. cymrubaby

    cymrubaby Full Member

    im starting again today! Would love to buddy up:) Xx
  4. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Great!!!! It will be so nice having someone going through it too! I've started today :)

    Is this your first time what plan you doing? :) xx
  5. cymrubaby

    cymrubaby Full Member

    this is my second time around...:(
    But am more determined this time. Well just had weigh in and I'm 16 st 10!!! Never been so heavy.
    im SS 2? Cos of my BMI once that goes down to 40 and below I can do SS :D
  6. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Dw it's my second time round too!!

    I don't know my start weight. I asked my CDC to keep it a secret as last time the actual numbers really caused me stress and sabotage myself!

    I probably weigh about the same though!

    I feel more determined but I absolutely love food and that's my problem. So here goes hey :) xx
  7. cymrubaby

    cymrubaby Full Member

    I'm Natalie by the way :)
    Are you doing SS? I'm finding my self really bad tempered with everyone this evening, got a banging headache and just wanna go hide! :cry:
    Never mind one day at a time. So tell me some more about how you are getting on? I love food too, that's the trouble I, a comfort eater and normally now when im fed up or stressed I would go and eat! Lol I just keep thinking of how good I felt last time when I lost 34 pounds! Xx
  8. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    I'm Kirsty lol!

    Yes doing ss. Or at least giving it a bash haha! I'm in a really bad mood too! Think the first couple of days it's inevitable! But we're get through it. Then all those nasty symptoms subside! The headache is the worst! I'm awaiting that :(

    This is my second time with cd - I ended up starting a new job Xmas and just slipped back into old bad habits and then just never got back on so 9 months of binging have taken me all the way back up the scales. But my weddings in march so I really have to get it sorted.

    I know I'm a comfort eater and a binge eater. I love all the wrong foods and too much of it. So I hope this time if I work through the steps I can retrain myself!!

    How are you getting on xx
  9. cymrubaby

    cymrubaby Full Member

    Hi Kirsty,
    Wow your getting married! That's a great goal!? I want to go abroad next year and be able to feel comfortable and sexy in my new skinnier me!?
    I just had my second shake, I got the bricks as I'm lazy and trying to stay out if the kitchen at the moment..... Lol can't wait to gave the bars after two weeks?I love the choc orange. I normally put them in fridge and chop them into about 10pieces and eat at night?
    We can do this! One day at a time .... I need someone to motivate me and kick my butt! Xx
  10. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    God I'd love to go on honeymoon in a bikini and feel amazing! I always have the bricks too I prefer the texture and taste!

    I wish I'd bought some soups! I'm a bit meh about milkshake ATM! Lol.

    Definitely one day at a time. That's all we can do. I'm looking forward to ketosis!! And first wi. I'm desperate now! Xx
  11. cymrubaby

    cymrubaby Full Member

    You will go on honeymoon in a bikini! And you will feel amazing:)
    I did have the shakes that you make up, tried the soup and thought it was yuk!
    My CDC gave me rice pudding to try, but to be honest I'm not a fan of rice pudding so that will stay in cupboard as a last resort! Lol
    Are you weighing in next Friday? I can't wait either...
    My headache has at last gone:wave_cry: So now catching up on soaps and having my last shake about 9pm
    i have drunk loads of water today.... Down side keep popping to loo every 5 mins lol
    i bet your soo excited about getting married. I have been married 16 years now :D long time haha!! And I work as an LSA at the local school, so I'm loving my hols at the moment. I wanted to do this the last week of hols so it gives me a boost before I go back to school. I'm not going to tell anyone at school as I just want to do this without people judging me:(
    I haven't even told my mum as I want to get established first...
    Have you got support at home?
    Anyway enough of my rambling on will message tomorrow when I have finished work( do cleaning on a Saturday)
    have a good evening xx
  12. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    I hope so! I really want to feel comfortable by the pool this year! And no longer self conscious! Oh I really don't like the porridge rice pudding and most of the make up shakes. I'm even a bit off the bars mentally from last time!

    Yes next Friday. But It won't be great as I weighed in the morning this week and next week it's an evening wi but after a night shift so I retain a lot of fluid after nights!

    I always know I've almost reached ketosis when my headache eases!

    There is a lot of stigma about this diet bc a lot if people do gain it back - I am one of them. But it is only bc I went back to old eating habits. And let's face it regardless of what diet you do if you go back to old eating your go back to old weight!

    My partner is t a fan of the diet he's a firm believer if I just exercised one a week it would drop off haha! He's one of those exercise freaks who looses half a stone just thinking about it :mad:

    But we will do this. We have too!!

  13. cymrubaby

    cymrubaby Full Member

    Glad to hear from you... I have just cooked a roast dinner for everyone, nearly put a roast potatoe in my mouth without realising! :cry: So I have come in the front room to type this to you... Haha
    my hubby has seen my results from last time I did this and I lost 35 pounds in 11 weeks.... But my hours at school were cut and I just couldn't afford it anymore so can off it, I didn't go through the stages so hence put it all back on again and a bit more!!!! My own fault!!!:eek:
    What do you do for a living? Working nights must be hard?
    do you have any children? I have three.... My daughter would have been 19 but she passed away 6 years ago suddenly, I have two beautiful boys 17 and 10 who keep me on my toes!
    im drinking sparkling water today for a change just something different to plain water...... I can't remember if we are allowed to have coke and dr pepper( I know you have to have zero)????
    my CDC said that they do a lemon bar now?? Sounds nice?? I look forward to my bar in the evening ( I like the chocolate orange ones only)
    Everyone I think at home are just waiting for me to say - no I'm not doing this anymore!!! But I want to prove them wrong that I can do it and that I can be slimmer and touch my toes and fir into more of my clothes haha!

    Well hope you are doing ok today - day 2!!! I don't know if I'm in ketosis yet? But I got some fresh breath spray anyway cos my mouth is quite minging today!!
    have a good evening anyway....
    Tara for now xx
  14. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member


    Well done! I remember last time doing that! And today I licked the mayo off a prawn for the cats! Haha then thought doh! So you did better than me by realising lol!

    That's why I gained it all back. I didn't go through the stages. Went back to old ways. So hence the old weight too!!

    I'm a midwife so work a lot of shifts! Which can be hard and draining and nights lead to lots of bad food decisions incl takeaways cakes and sweets! :(

    No children yet. Just wedding plans holiday plans house plans then babies!

    Oh I'm sorry to hear that. It must be hard. But I believe that spirits are always with us! So she's not far I'm sure xx

    I've bought a new Brita bottle it filter the water as you drink it much nicer than standard tap water!!!

    I don't think your meant too. But I drink diet coke. It's never affected me or knocked me out if ketosis. So I guess just see how it affects you.

    Is that the lemon yoghurt bar? I'm not a fan of this one but give it a shot!!

    Don't think I'm in ketosis yet! But hopefully soon :)

    Well done. When is your weigh day?!

  15. cymrubaby

    cymrubaby Full Member

    Hi Kirsty :)
    How's day 3 going? My hubby has just done a boot sale, and my son and I joined him later on.... All I could smell were bacon sarnies, food for sale, crisps, cakes, drinks and sweets!! :( I think my senses are going nuts, all I think about is food and how my world revolves around it:cry:When we go out all I think about is when we are going to eat? And how I love food and the experiences of eating.... Sad I know, but I have to try and re program the way I think....
    im feeling the cold today and had a headache earlier but just trying to get through today and hopefully feel better tomorrow.
    i had my last tetra of the day yesterday ( choc velvet) about 9pm? Stuck the straw in and the next minute nearly spewed - it was soo bitter! I checked the dates on it and all fine , but it was definitely gone off!! Put me off for a bit... I drunk loads of water then to get rid of taste. Saw my CDC today and she gave me another one to compensate, as I wouldn't have enough to last the week:eek: Must have just been a dodgy one!! Gross!!
    hooe you are doing ok today- whether at work or not? Hang on in there we can do it !!!! Jus think of all the weight dropping off this week and our great first weeks weigh in!! :) xx
  16. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    I'm rubbish ......

    I fell off the wagon yesterday too! I went to a BBQ all planned to have chicken and lettuce. And it was going so well. Until everyone was one me like "it's ok today won't count it won't matter, genre try this and this and this...."

    It was mainly bad protein but there was some carb in there too. Feel stupid and terrible I did it and undone all my hard work. I was on the verge of ketosis too!

    I said no so many times. But in the end I gave in. I was weak. I didn't even enjoy it. And now have an upset tummy (teach me a lesson) and have to start from scratch!

    I knew going back to my parents would be danger zone and I thought I had it all prepared and sorted. But apparently until I have a true grip on this I need to stay away :(

    So here goes day 1 again the day I find most hard. And to ignore the thoughts of ... Oh you should eat whatever and start next week bc you failed ...

  17. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    But here's the happier post ...

    Well done you that's incredible!! I wish I'd had some of your determination! Your doing amazing. That's true self control.

    Sadly I feel the same about food. It's something I use when I'm happy sad celebrating tired grumpy etc etc. And I love it. Probably too much.

    I have to learn to think of food as fuel!

    My mantra today will be "you don't need food you have saved enough fat for fuel... Enjoy your shake!"

  18. cymrubaby

    cymrubaby Full Member

    Hi Kirsty,
    don't worry about yesterday just do it again! :) U can do it come on!!
    My mouth feels gross today, and my stomach is grumbling all the time!:mad:
    Having my shake about 11am for brekkie then I have one about 4.30/5pm and last one 9?
    Next week though when back to work will have to have one about 7.30 a small meal(lettuce/prawns/ cucumber)? At 12, shake when I come home about 4 and last one at 9? This will be step 2 then ( as back at work and people will be asking why am I not eating! So a small 200cal low carb should still keep me in ketosis? As under 810 cal? Lol
    i don't know will try anyway gotta do something! :)
    Hang on in there today, just think about your wedding dress and how you will feel in it! Xx
  19. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Yeah that's step 2 and I think you stay in ketosis on that step! Yeah avoids the questions and interference hey!

    All I can do today is draw a line and move on from it. I can dwell but I know I'll end up in binge city if I do that! So positive mental attitude today!

    A 100% day ...

    Weigh in is Friday so I have a few days to bring it back. Xxx
  20. cymrubaby

    cymrubaby Full Member

    Have you done step 2 before ? Just a bit worried that I won't loose the weight the same:cry:Lol

    Having a lazy day today, gonna gave a bath in a min and sort myself out!

    Its funny, days like today(b/h) I associate with having a nice meal, watching films in the afternoon and eating naughty foods! Lol I have my 2 delicious shakes to look forward to instead !! :p Lol

    well have a brill day today!!!!! Come on....... Let's get slimmer together!!...... You have so many things to look forward to and being slim is just one of them! Kicking day 4's butt!!

    Day 5 here I come!! xx
  21. Caz can do it

    Caz can do it Full Member


    I'm on step two and my consultant says that there us very little difference in the losses between step 1 and 2 so I wouldn't worry.

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