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Weight Loss Goals!

Well Ive decided to do my little Weight loss goals…so here we go.

Looking at it as a BIG picture looks really scary….but little bits little bits! So you can see its all targeted within 3-6lbs of weight loss and sometimes each little target is something else.

Lose 7lbs (15stone 13lbs) – Done 18/05/2010
Lose 1 Stone (15stone 6lbs) – Done 13/07/2010
Lose 1.5 Stone (14stone 13lbs) – Done 12/10/2010 – God it was hard!!!
Buy FCUK Dress – Done 20/07/2010
Lose 10% of original weight (14stone 11lbs) - Done 19/10/2010
Lose 2 Stone (14stone 6lbs)
Get under 200lbs (14stone 3lbs)
Lose 15% of original weight (13st 13.5lbs)
Lose 2.5 Stone (13stone 13lbs)
Lose 3 Stone (13stone 6lbs)
Lose 20% of original weight (13st 2lbs)
Lose 3.5 Stone (12stone 13lbs)
Lose 4 stone (12stone 6lbs)
Lose 25% of original weight (12stone 4.5lbs)
Lose 4.5 Stone (11 stone 13lbs)
Lose 5 Stone (11 stone 6lbs)
Target 11 Stone
Get BMI to Class 1 obesity bracket (between 30 and 34.9) – Done 12/10/2010 Current BMI 33.6
Get BMI to Overweight Bracket (between 30 and 24.9)
Get BMI to Normal Weight Bracket (between 18.5 and 24.9)
Size 14 Jeans
Size 12 Jeans

So thats my "Little" Goal List and I hope to god I do it *laughs* It took me so long to get between 1stone and 1stone and a half. But ive lost 5lbs in the last TWO week! I know I can do this.
So little goals!! Keep my head focussed! Or at least try!!! :)

Start Weight: 16 stone 6 lbs
Current Weight: 14stone 12lbs

Start BMI 37.1
Current BMI 33.2
Woooot! :)
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That's a great idea :) think the reason why I'm getting so fed up is because I'm just looking at what I've left to lose - keep thinking I'm only half way and have so much more to go :(
My goals are

Get into 12's
Lose 7lbs
Lose 14lbs
Get into 11's
Lose 21lbs
Fit into size 12's again

it really does help to have a mini target to work towards and doesnt seem such a daunting task lol
I think one of the things that kept me focussed was the fact that I knew as soon as Id got my 1.5 stone award, and I aimed for 2lb loss for this week, I needed 2lbs next week to get my 10% - so then it was kinda, well after that and I've lost 1stone 9lbs my next is obviously 2stone award and THEN what, im then working for every 7lbs again which sometimes seems a LONG way away.
Hence the mini goals....and it seems so much "easier" I may set my target before 11-stone depending on how I'm happy with ME. but that is my "healthy" weight x
Well...another 1lb off, and 10% this week.
Goals updated :eek:)
My goals are;
Start- 14 stone 5lbs
Get into 13 stone bracket - Done
Get my 1/2 stone award (13 stone 12lbs) - Done
Get my 1 stone award (13 stone 5lbs)
Get into 12 stone bracket
Get under my lowest ever adult weight (12 stone 8lbs)
Get my 1 1/2 stone award (12 stone 12lbs)
Fit comfortably into size 14's
Get my 2 stone award (12 stone 5lbs)
Get into 11 stone bracket for the first time since i was a child
Get my 2 1/2 stone award (11 stone 12lbs)
Get my 3 stone award (11 stone 5lbs)
Fit comfortably into size 12's
Get into 10 stone bracket for the first time since i was about 9 or 10!?
Get my 3 1/2 stone award (10 stone 12lbs)
Get to target - 10 stone 7lbs.
Good Luck Brittany :)

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