Weight loss has stopped

Hi everyone

I am in my second week of induction and I lost 4 pounds in week 1 and now gained 1 pound back (but put that down to some chocolate I needed..I'm diabetic and it was an emergency ) now I'm stuck and can't seem to lose any more

I am measuring and logging, I'm veggie so that doesn't make it easy but eating very low carb quorn, cheese, eggs, olives and salad.

I'm 5'7 and weigh 9 stone 4.5.

Any tips would b helpful, I am type 1 diabetic and not got much to lose, might that make it harder ?

Lot of love

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Hiya. Weight loss will always slow up the closer to goal someone is. You're only on week two so don't be too hard on yourself. Week one loss is usually a decent loss due to losing water weight. I tend to find i'll sts after a decent loss too n then have a whooshie n lose a decent amount again rather than small reliable losses but we're all different.

I'd suggest just sticking with things. It sounds like ur doing well to me :)


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You are also most definitely not overweight either which could be another reason you are not losing x

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You are not overweight, in fact your the lower end of your normal weight range at 20.4 BMI.....as soon as you drop to 18.5 you become underweight and your not far from that at all....

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I've had the same happen to me - this week was week two and it is only in the last 2 days that i have lost anything (i'm a serial weigher!!!) during the week i was gaining a lb/losing a lb so effectively staying the same. Don't lose faith, but also agree with the others that being so close to goal you might not see huge losses....


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hay :)
the body will also call for a catch up time,and you may find
that although your weight may seem to stay the same
you will / might feel that your clothes are not so
tight fitting,and the smaller you get weight loss will be slower.


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Haha - we call the weight loss fairy the whooshie fairy if she comes to visit and we get a huge whoosh of weight loss all at once. Bodies are ridiculously annoying:D


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Oh right! I was thinking along the lines of something much less attractive! Haha!

Thank you :) I hope she pays a visit soon!