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Weight Loss Race Pall Needed Please


I'm 35 and a Busy Mum of 2 who is now hampered by her size.... I feel huge... tree trunk thighs and even Nellie the elephant is green with envy at my behind..... such is it's vast size....

I am going to start the Cambridge Diet (again, but not dwelling on the again), as soon as I can find the kick...to get going.
My goal is to lose over 6 stone in 5 months, I want to do it 100% no cheating at all....... else I know from the past it won't work from me.

Ok the race bit is probably going to put you off, but I need something to get me motivated..........

I am looking for someone the same height ish and starting weight ish to diet with.

I need a buddy....:eek: Please:D

I am 5ft 2inch and weigh 16stone 8lb...... which is bloody terrible.......
I've done all this before and got to below 10stone, but Im not going to dwell on it, it just doesn't make doing it now as exciting as before.... just a little boring, hence the diet buddy/race/same weight sort of thing.

I do struggle with the diet now, but needs must and I want to do it, I then plan to take better measure in order to keep the weight off......

Ok I am normally really rapid fire at losing the weight on the first two weeks, but don't be fooled after that I have to try really hard, drink plenty and pray....

If I don't sound like a nutter and haven't put you off, please give me a shout...

Pretty please, I'm only a little bit of a nutter and I don't bite..
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Hi Fluffycat,

I feel the same im a probs a stone heavier at the min and only need to lose 2 sizes for my bridesmaud dress in july but i want to lose more..ALOT more (I want to be 10 stone or under)

Im just not happy anymore, I started the gym in january with my aunty but she quit in feb and i just feel like i cant do it on my own, i want support and a buddy to share with.

Food wise im rubbish i love food lol not the wrong sorts but if i get bored i eat and i know i shouldnt but i dont have the willpower to say to myself no at this stage.

Moon pig :)
Hi Fluffy and all
My name is Sharon and I am 38 tomorrow - I understand where you are coming from.....am same height and busy working mum of 2 also. I have been attempting sole source but struggle past 1 wk and need motivation/support/kick up backside!!! Let's do this together and anyone else who wants to join us. Having eaten far too much over easter my weight had gone up to 13 st 5lb and is getting me down. My heaviest was 17st 2lb so I know how you feel and I managed to lose weight over 2 years down to 11st 4lb but this has sneaked back up. I am pleased not to have regained all the weight but desperately want to get down to 10st. Let's do this together x
Im going to my doctor tomorrow to see what he says will be best for me, I want to lose 7+ stone but am happy to lose at least 3 or 4 by july 25th well 2 weeks before so i can get the dress taken in (been ordered in a size 22).

What diets are use on or going on?

Moon pig :)


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Hey guys, good luck with the diet.

I tried cambridge but have been diagnosed with a heart problem so had to stop :(
I am trying to lose 3 st on WW but if you still need a buddy then I am up for that :)
Moonpig - good luck at doctor's tomorrow, let us know how you get on x

Missg - let's all go for it.....whichever diet we choose we can give each other moral support and sort out our eating habits once and for all! x
Morning all......just logging on very quickly before work to wish everyone a good dieting day - we can do it!
It's my birthday today - such a good day to start don't you think x
Hi and welcome to the minimins forums, oh and Happy Birthday Dextersmum.


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I am doing ok today, the only thing that is doing my head in is that I REALLY want to go to Baskin Robbins and get some ice cream but i know i can't just stop at one scoop so having to go without :(
What a lot of replys.... sorry for the delay, had a emergency at home with my son..... fingers crossed he is a bit better now.

Happy Birthday and good luck...

Perhaps another group is in order. Would still love to hear from others of the same stats as myself...

Ok, need to get some rest...
I will hope to get on again tomorrow and really get started properly.
You are so friendly, thanks.
Im going to my doctor tomorrow to see what he says will be best for me, I want to lose 7+ stone but am happy to lose at least 3 or 4 by july 25th well 2 weeks before so i can get the dress taken in (been ordered in a size 22).

What diets are use on or going on?

Moon pig :)
Hi Moonpig
My your mighty high 14ft 10inch....lol.....
Your bmi is low 5.5..... (Looking on your details under your avator....)

My son has been poorly, and now my house is a mess and I have people coming over.... shity ****.... so of course, whilst my life is running smoothy I have decided today is the day....... yep day one. SS plus for me, sort off, I am having the 4 shakes but not the milk.

Still would love to hear from anyone with 7stone to lose.

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