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Weight loss slow

Hi....New member to my local slimming world group and found it really great concept....I lost 1st in five weeks and found the plan very easy and fulfilling to follow.However my weight loss has ground to an absolute halt and have only lost one pound over the last 3 weeks.I eat mostly fruit,making up large bowl of chopped fruit salad each morning using all free and speed fruits.I usually have porridge for breakfast and try and have protein and veg at night. I am concerned that I am eating too much fruit (I hope not as I love it now so much!!!)Any advice please would be very much appreciated
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S: 17st4lb C: 13st4lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 4st0lb(23.14%)
Could you post a proper food diary here including quantities ie 6 oranges instead of just orange. I'm also not seeing any obvious lunch?. Post a list, and then people will be able to advise better
Hi thanks for your interest.......I usually have porridge with mixed fruit salad / fruit salad alone for breakfast (usually banana, apple,clementine, peach,nectarine,grapes, blueberries, strawberries,raspberries, kiwi,melon,mango,pear ,this is made up as a salad at start of day and used also as snack during the day),main meal is fish or lean meat,gammon,or chicken with veg from free foods list,
Syns are used as cereal for supper (weetabix,shredded wheat,or cornflakes)Regarding lunch,it is something light ,(homemade soup,Mugshot, bread from allowance)....occasionally a biscuit at bedtime with cuppa tea...
S: 17st4lb C: 13st4lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 4st0lb(23.14%)
Ok, I agree with you, that is a lot of fruit. I'm wondering if you are getting sugar highs from all the fruit making you crave it even more?

You also seem to be having a lot of healthy extras, you mention porridge, bread and a cereal. I know you said that you syn them, but with the biscuit that would take you up to your total syn allowance. But with two cereals and cups of tea I would struggle to keep within my milk allowance, so I am guessing you are going over and you have no extra syns to play with.

I would suggest stop the grazing on a bowl of fruit and have it with meals and then singularly ie 1 apple mid morning. Soup is great, you can also have a small bowl of that if you have the munchies in the afternoon instead of the mug shot.

Make a few small changes this week, watch the healthy extras you're having and cut down on the fruit grazing and see how you get on
S: 17st4lb C: 13st4lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 4st0lb(23.14%)
I forgot to say... Your actual meals look fine though, I think its the inbetweeny food that's the problem
I don't actually have cereal,porridge and bread everyday just one or the other.....still struggling to understand the rationale about the fruit.I thought it was free food and the literature says to eat as much as you like.I certainly was sugar addict and feel the fruit and sweetner (I use Stevia)helped me to come off processed foods....I am feeling somewhat disheartened as the ethos of Slimming World has been the most attractive I have seen...I am very keen to put to rights any mistakes I have been making and worry that I have heard similar stories at the group.
S: 17st4lb C: 13st4lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 4st0lb(23.14%)
Oh right sorry, I thought that was a one of your typical food diaries so you could get advice.

At the end of the day, sw is just like any other diet, you need to use more calories than you take in. Yes free food is said to be unlimited, but lets be honest, it isn't really. Very few people are going to lose if they eat 10 Mueller lights a day whilst also following the plan to the letter. There are a lot of calories in fruit, and I was just suggesting that maybe you were eating too much of it and that maybe you should try reducing the amount you were eating to see if that was affecting the calorie deficit you need to lose weight.

Maybe if you wrote a proper food diary for your consultant to go through, they will come up with some different suggestions to help you


Lives here....
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I agree that you need to post a typical day rather than an approximation.

Free isn't really free. If you read my post on SW FAQ you will see how annoyed I am by this concept

Post a true day i.e. Exactly what you ate yesterday :)
Disappointing. ....free foods not free foods?......why then endorse this as an integral part of the weight loss programme?....Therefore is Slimming World deceiving members.....???..Will approach this with the group next meeting.....
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Just think realistically. You know you won't lose weightif you eat too much - it doesn't matter if it's fruit or anything else. Ask yourself : am I hungry? or do i just fancy something to eat? Am I thirsty? Often you feel pekish if you're thirsty, bored,.....
If you're eating proper balanced meals, you don't NEED snacks at all. If you want one, then do some exercise and tell yourself that you can have a treat after. I also agree that you're being very vague about exactly what you eat and I wonder if you're not cheating a teany tiny bit :)
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Hi Ellen,
No free food is deffo free food, Please don't get disheartened or frustrated with the method. I have done this since December (4th time doing this) and lost 5 stone so far, Trust me it works and My portion size are massive! and I mean massive! and I am still losing 2-4lbs per week. You are heavier on the fruit side tho, even tho these are free and speed food they arent AS filling as vegetables, so I snack on sw hummus, carrots, celery, cucumbers through-out the day and only have 1-2 pieces of fruit per day. Some fruit contain fructose which turns into fat and vegetables are more calories condense and full of water, which helps you eat less and make you fuller for longer.

How is your water intake? Ive notice a big difference on the scales when I uptake my water, even more so now, losing 5 lbs last week because I have completely stopped carbonated drinks as they were effecting my body and skin.

Are you having 3 meals a day? if you have less your body will shut down and keep what it has and store it and fight to keep it unable to lose weight. On this plan always better to eat more (as funny as that sounds)


Lives here....
S: 18st5lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 3st5lb(18.29%)
All fruit contains fructose and so do a lot of veg but in lesser quantities. It's fruit sugar. Sugar doesn't metabolise into fat (or very little) it metabolises into glucose (blood sugar) mostly which encourages the body to lay down fat stores because of spikes in blood sugar levels.

Free food can't be eaten as freely as some would like. Although huge portions works for some and particularly in the early days the reality is that certain foods billed as "free" may well be low or free of fat but have a high sugar or kcal content for example mullers, mugshots, pasta, rice etc. Yes pasta and rice may be energy dense but that's reflected in the kcal content.

The plan claims you can eat them "freely" but the plan also has built in limiters such as the 1/3 Superfree and the small print that doesn't always get mentioned, that we are supposed to stop when we are satisfied. Not full to bursting but SATISFIED. SATISFIED is not just a physical thing but a mental thing too when it comes to food and we are often here because we have spent so long ignoring satisfied and aim for FULL.

So, yes they claim it's free. But the caveat is always that it's our responsibility to learn and recognise our point of satisfaction. Your consultant will say something similar. No-one can eat endless muller lights at 100kcal a pop and mugshots and plates and plates of pasta and lose weight. That's why we have the other bits built in.
Patch ninja. ....I am not cheating,not even a little bit...I am 64 not 24 and not inclined towards adolescent behaviour....and am not being vague in the least about what I am eating....I initially asked about consumption of fruit and appreciate the advice posted on this thread....I feel that the literature is somewhat confusing . Thanks all
S: 30kg C: 30kg G: 60kg BMI: 13 Loss: 0kg(0%)
Didn't mean to offend you, Ellen but we're all here because in the past we've been a bit piggly wiggly or we wouldn't be overweight.
I sympathise. I'm 58 this month and it's harder as you get older.
One thing that's really helped me is finding some exercise that I really like doing.
What do you do? I do the Kathy Smith walks.


Lives here....
S: 18st5lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 3st5lb(18.29%)
I don't think @Patchninja meant to offend. Generally people will post an exact food diary over a couple of days to ask everyone for comment because otherwise we are simply guessing. If you want to do that we can make a more educated comment.

The plan is confusing at times I totally agree. SP is even worse! :eek: I think it boils down to the fact that slimming world works as long as you are sensible with it. The fact you are 64 will have some impact. My soon to be step mum is the same age and gets average weight loss is .5lb a week as our metabolism slows over time. She certainly eats less than me at 34 but I can average 2-3lbs a week. Other factors include how you ate before starting slimming world, start weight, water consumption and so on.
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I have a friend who has done SW for years, she helps out and group and was always struggling with lbs here and there. As she has been doing it for so long, I tend to look to her for advice and take things she says seriously. One of her issues, and she does have an existing medical condition related to IBS is fruit. Before SW she didn't eat a lot of fruit, so when she joined she naturally incorporated it into her diet. She had a few strange weeks/months over time at the start, with not losing as much as she had hoped, even gaining and through the help of a food diary, she narrowed it down to fruit. She was eating too much. It's a crazy thing to say as we are steered into thinking fruit is healthy and missing from our diets, but too much can be bad.

Would you be prepared to cut down on the amount of fruit you eat? Could you substitute your morning fruit for eggs or an omelette and then make a smaller fruit salad, to snack on through the day?

The SW method works - there are so many success stories on these forums to suggest otherwise, but I really believe it's about tweaking the method to suit you. You might find making small changes will have a big impact on your losses.

Also, 15lbs in 8 weeks is fantastic - congratulations!

How much more do you want to lose? Could it be that you are approaching target and therefore your weightloss is slowing down because you don't have much more to lose?

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