Weight loss stopped


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My weight loss has come to a grinding halt, nothing last week and nothing so far this week.

Help, i could give up now and eat chocolate
Do you think this is because you are never going to lose weight again?

You have reached a plateaux in weight loss and if you can sit tight through that then once you get through it the weight loss will catch up again.

If you eat now then you miss out on that so keep going and wait for the big losses to come to make up the hell you are going through now ;)
Hiya L !

Ok you cannot long term playeaux on the Cambridge!! You can have a couple of weeks of no loss due to water retention but the scales have to move!

No one can maintain weight on 450 calories a day!

So just hang in there and those bad boys will move

i'll give it another week maybe 2 as i've bought the bits but feel every day that i could cry.

TOTM just arrived so i'm hoping weight will move now.
I would be very very very surprised L if it hasn't moved in 2 weeks.

How much water are you glugging? Don't underestimate the need for water! It is the difference between losing it quick and losing it slow in my opinion.

2-3 litres, but last week was more 3-4 litres

Just got some water flavouring so i hope to get back up to that this week.

Just looked at chart and will be +1 lb this week (how embarrasing)
I would definitely recommend sticking to at least 3 litres this week and see if you can push it nearer 4 as the more you drink the less water you will retain.

Also not wishing to be too crude but make sure you are keeping an eye on your number 2's! Don't go days and days without going and use the Fibre 89 product if you need to start moving things along.

But the most important thing is just to hang in there! Nobody who sticks to the Cambridge 100% doesn't lose weight! (or at least I have yet to ever see one!)

it's lovely to find men who understand weight loss.

Most men try to understand but don't even have a clue about dieting, my hubby included.

Is there a limit to how much flavoured water you can have a day ??

Could it be that i tend to drink lots of water at a time not little and often ?
I would say don't have more than a couple of spoons of the flavouring a day and yes little and often is better than loads og litres in a very short time.

Although saying that I used to drink 2 litres in 10 minutes as a cure for constipation if you know what I mean!