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Weight loss

Just try and stay positive, im on week three now and ive lost 15 pounds so far and I feel totally fab.

Try to do things to take your mind off food and think of how great you will look at the end.

good luck x


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Bella..
Chin up hon your doing great... I would say you would definatley lose weight I cant say 100% but I am sure you will.. have a look at other posts and you will see most people do have a great loss on week 1..
Drink loads of water and I am sure you will get a great result at wi.. If for any reason its not the result you are expecting it will then come off the week after.
Your doing great x
Hi Bella, keep on going it does get easier, i'm on day 9 and still going strong.
If you can get through the first week till weigh in and you lose weight, it will inspire you for the next week and so on till goal, stay strong. Louie xx
Hi Bella, i'm sure u'll lose weight. I've tried every diet and don't really lose but this is different. Keep at it and good luck. How are you Louie?
CW you are so amazingly supportive and encouraging! Thankyou
Hi Broxi I'm fine thanks, still sticking to CD 100% which for me is amazing, i am really bad at dieting which is why i need to lose nearly 12 stone, but not having to think about salads and what else i can eat to lose weight is great. xx
sweetie if you stick to the diet 100% you can't NOT lose weight!!! (unless you have a medical problem). Everytime you feel yourself waivering, jump on minimims and we'll all give you loads of support and encouragement (I adore minimims sigh) xxxxx
Hi louie, I'm still sticking to it too which is amazing for me too! If you stick to this you will be thin fairly quickly. I think once our clothes start getting looser it will be better for us. We're in it together- we started roughly same time. Let's encourage each other all the way! xxx


is going to do this!
Hey, well to be on SS you have to have a BMI over 25, so therefore you'd be overweight, so I think it is pretty much guaranteed you lose weight on it as you have excess weight to lose! If that makes sense?? Lol, that's how I tried to think of it cos I was exactly the same as you in the first week.

And I had a loss of 7lbs! :D So anything's possible! Good luck hun hope you have a great loss this week, well done for sticking with it xxx

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