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Weight - Nasty Shock!!

Well I haven't been to class for a few weeks (ok maybe a couple of months or so), stepped on the scales this morning and OMG!! I've had a real shock.

I feel really annoyed/disappointed/frustrated with myself for letting myself go, its my 5th wedding anni in September and I was hoping to be back at my wedding weight for then ....... however, because I've over indulged and basically faffed around for most of this year, I now have 3½ stone to lose to get to wedding weight (previously it was 2½) - which I really don't think is achievable by mid-September.

I think I may re-join class - there's one near me which I could walk to run by a bloke tonight or one tomorrow which is on my way home from work so I think I'll join one of those two.....because I clearly can't do this on my own at home.... I feel really down now, after I weighed myself I went into the bedroom and had a good long look at myself in the mirror (nekkid) and it seemed that for the first time I actually saw the enormity of what I have to do!! I look pregnant .... when did that happen!?!? I was quite horrified ... why have I not noticed this before? Its weird because I know my dress sizes have been increasing, why didn't I 'see' the weight tho?

Not a nice feeling, but if I get a grip now, this will be the last time I have to feel like this.

Jo x
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Oh bless you Jo.
Don't feel so down chick, the thing is that you have realised it now before it is far too late - it could easily be 4 1/2 stone if you left it.
Join the group, find your motivation and the weight will drop off.
Some people can do SW on their own, and I salute them, cos I certainly can't! I still go to group at target as I know I could easily put it back on.
So, well done for making the decision, you have 4 months til your anniversary - if you lose 2lb a week until then you could have 32lb off!!!
Stick with us Jo, you can do it!
Jay xx


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Don't be too hard on yourself-you are not alone in letting things get out of hand. But you are now starting on a new road-one where you don't need to beat yourself up as to how you got to this place-let the guilt go. Join a club and get back to the job in hand-getting into that wedding dress!!! Good luck-i am looking forward to seeing you on here-and to the weight going down! Chin up x
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At least you've taken the decision to do something now, before you've got 4½ stone to lose...or 5 or 6....!!! So well done :)

Sometimes we need something to give us a shock and that's when we become successful weight losers - because our motivation is there and our head's in the right place.

I was like you...I looked in the mirror and didn't see a size 18/20 person...until it dawned on me that I was huge and couldn't wear 'normal shop' clothes. And that was a shocker!

Goooood luck - with class support, this forum and your motivation, there's loads you can do between now and your anniversary :D


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A huge congratulations for taking the first step. It's far too easy to keep the blinkers on. The amount you have to lose doesn't mean anything, it's starting the journey and keeping going that counts.

Good luck with finding a class. You'll be your wedding self again in no time.


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Try & get back into it now. If you put your mind to it & give it your all atleast you'll know that whatever you've lost by September you've given 100%!! x
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Pick which meeting you are going to join and get your tush there you can do this and be at a better weight come September or you can keep doing what your doing and be bigger :D. You know you can do this so do it x


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I agree with what everyone's said! You have chosen to do this NOW - you have great motivation and great reasons for wanting to lose the weight. Forget the past and look forward to the future. You have taken the first step to achieving your goals and I definitely would recommend going to class.

You could easily lose 1.5st, if not more, if you stick with the plan starting NOW before your anniversary. Imagine really going for it and sticking with it 100% - come Sept you will be feeling so much better being 1 or 2 stone lighter. Or you can do nothing and come Sept think about how you wish you had done something back in May.

I know which choice you'll make!



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Can i butt in and say Stacey your weight loss is amazing!!! it gives me such hope! x


This is really the time!
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If you stick to plan and do some body magic, you could have made a real dent in your weight by Sept. Well done for getting back on board and good luck!!xxx


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but if I get a grip now, this will be the last time I have to feel like this.
Love this! Well done hun on deciding to get back on the wagon.

Maybe you should print this off and stick it on your fridge... but may I suggest changing the wording slightly to:

I have a grip now [date], this is the last time I feel like this.

Also try not to think about being at target by September or focusing on the bigger number.... I find I panic when I do that and console myself by eating as there is no way I could lose X (big amount) by whatever date. I need to focus on the smaller numbers... 7lbs here and there so I don't become overwhelmed.
Thanks everyone, I'm going back to class tonight ... I may even text my Consultant to let her know in a mo so I can't chicken out.

Feel a bit nervous about it .... but I'm sure she'll just be pleased to see me back (hopefully)

Jo x


Bring it on!
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Great idea to text before you i'd say, as you're right, you're less likely to find an excuse not to go. Good luck!:D

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