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Weight not changing

Hmmm, I started slimfast 2 and a bit weeks ago and I did great, lost 5lbs, now I have sneakily weighed myself before my 3rd week is up and I have just stayed the same...teach me to weigh myself early! :sigh:
Has this happened to anyone else, if I had "been naughty" then I would kick myself and think "oh well your own fault" but I haven't..if anything I have been better, taking more exercise.:whacky068:
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Yes it has happened, or will happen, to all of us! Don't worry at all you will start losing again before long. The thing is, that some weeks although we don't lose any weight, we lose inches. Do you keep a log of your measurements? Our skin needs time to catch up with our weight loss else we'd have to gather up the slack, and tie a knot in it:D
Also, are you exercising more than you normally do? Weight loss can be masked by muscle development. Hang in there and you'll soon see the scales dropping.
No weightloss this week, even on "proper" weigh in day.
I asked on yahoo answers and got a reply that my body may have adapted as Slim Fast is a FAD diet and so won't lose anymore.
Does anyone have any advice? How can I kickstart the weightloss again? I follow the Slim Fast diet properly, don't think I could cut calories any more or exercise any more than I already do!! :( I am having 1200 cal a day and exercising 30-45 mins every evening.
Hi Katrina,
SF is not a fad diet. A fad diet tells you to do stupid things like only eat eggs for a day then only eat tangerines etc. They deprive the body of necessary food groups. SF is giving you proper nutrition whilst reducing your calories.

There are any number of reasons why your hard work hasn't shown on the scales;
- Are you building muscle mass? This is heavier than fat so take your measurements to see if you have lost inches.
- Are you drinking enough water? You may be retaining water.
- Is it the time of the month? Hormonal changes can cause bloating.
- Are you making healthy choices with the calories you are eating? Fill up more on low fat veg than carbs/fat.
- What are you drinking and are you counting the calories (ie coffee and tea)? eg, coffee with milk and 1 sugar is over 50 cals.
- Are you eating enough?? You shouldn't ever feel hungry. If you do you aren't having enough and maybe your body is on the edge of starvation mode and might be holding onto everything you eat.
- What times are you having your meals? Have your first shake asap in the morning to kickstart your metabolism and try to have your evening meal before 7.

Try green tea to speed up your metabolism. Also try to do high impact exercise rather then weights etc to burn the maximum calories possible. Choose healthy snacks if possible.

No idea if any of that has helped. It sounds like you are doing it right. Sometimes you do it right and your body takes a week or so to display the results. Please persevere as it is nigh on impossible not to be losing weight whilst doing what you are doing.

BL x


Silver Member
I agree slimfast is not a FAD diet. I have been dieting since Jan the 7th and I am still losing weight. I agree with what BL says above and hopefully your body will start to shift the pounds again.
Plateaus are common on most diets. Stick with it, tweak a few things if it makes you feel better, and in a week or two the weight should come off.
Thanks for the advice and support everyone...I am going to try drinking some more water as I drink hardly any at all, I think I may try increasing my calories a little again as I am satisified after my evening meal but not always during the day especially if I am out and about. Even if I consume 1500 cals a day it sure is a lot less than before...I never used to pay attention but since starting this diet and looking at calories fat/content well it is unspeakable what I must have been having! :eek:
Hi Katrina
One pound is approximately equal to 3500 calories so even if you have 1500 calories per day you should still lose 1lb a week (-500cal for 7days), more if you are exercising and burning calories (that is assuming the maths works). Have a go and see what happens. Drinking more water really can help with the losses so fingers crossed for you this week
BL x

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