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Weight stuck!

I lost 16lb in my first 2 weeks on lighter life and I am now mid way through my third. Problem is I weighed myself and I havent lost a pound thus far this week and I am gutted as I stick to it religiously :sigh::sigh: The only difference I have made it that I have been adding the LL orange water flavouring to all of my water....I was under the impression this wouldnt make a difference but could this be the reason for static weight??
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Step away from the scales! Water flavouring makes no differene to weight loss whatsoever and if you're sticking to it religiously then you will keep losing weight. There's no rhyme or reason for it but some weeks you won't lose much at all. I even put on 1lb one week! You will still average a stone a month and after a bad week you usually have a great week in terms of loss. Week three is the one where you usually don't lose as much for some reason. Stick with it and the weight will come off I promise....oh, and don't keep weighing yourself!! Weight fluctuates throughout the day. Just stick with your weekly weigh ins :)
Thank you! Was worried I was doing something wrong with the water flavouring, Im chuffed with my weight loss so far so hopefully even if its just a 1lb in week three its a pound closer to my next stone!
Great advice from Rachel. Your weight isn't stuck - it's just slowed down.
One thing's for sure, if you stick to the programme you WILL lose an average of a stone (a size) per month.
Put the scales away if you can. Just weigh once a week at LL otherwise you'll drive yourself crazy.
Great start - stick with it.
Well done!! Its a great idea to hide the scales :)


Tough But Sexy X
Well done, the crooked thoughts you had were spurred on by your own scales, great idea to hide them xx
Glad I read this thread. I'm a serial weigher and on week 2 I've stuck the same for 5 days. Driving me up the wall! X
Unless you have very expensive and very precise scales at home, I would suggest either putting the scale away, or acepting that it is not a true reflection of your progress.

Home scales can weigh 4 or 5 time differently in one hour. THey are not overly reliable.

SO if you weigh at home look at it as merely a guideline. What really counts is weighon on the same scale at the same time each week. :)

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