weight watchers after cambridge?


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I went a 2/3 week gap inbetween. I gained 6lbs in them weeks but lost them all again the first week of WW


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Cambridge to Weight Watchers


I done the Cambridge about a month ago and came off it as well to be blunt it made me crazy with the no food, I hated the soups so i literally only had the bars and shakes.
Now I'm on WW and just to inform you if you havent already noticed but you will notice some weight gain with the shock of you body taking in food, I put on about 7lb in a week, yes I know A LOT but it does come off the week after once the shock of eating food again is gone.

Good Luck and Enjoy eating again!! Lol


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Quite a few people have come over to WW and had little or even no gain but even a small gain would be worth it ;)


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I made this switch hun. I left a 2 week gap between diets to get my body back in the swing of food. I gained 4lbs which has gone now with my 2nd WI last week. Good luck with whatever you decide.