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Weight Watchers Help!!

Hi all

I am new to the site, though I have been using it as an advice aid for some time and think it is a great tool for both info and support.

I restarted WW on-line 4 weeks ago, I had previously attended meetings (approx 12 months ago was the last time), which worked great but it is not viable for me to attend at the moment. I have been sticking to my 29 points daily, and using some, but not all of my 49 weekly allowance of a weekend. I have also taken up cycling, which is approx 4 hrs per week. Since starting I haven't lost any weight whatsoever, my partner keeps telling me it will happen and to begin with I agreed with him but with each week that passes by I am getting more and more demotivated.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I cannot for the life of me see where I am going wrong otherwise I would put it right, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-((
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Hello, can't help sorry....but hoping you can help me....I am going to start ww and did it a few years ago on the old point system. I can't really afford classes so how do I calculate new points on pro points? From what your saying maybe I should stick to old system though....that might work for you too? Xx

I bought a weight watchers calculator from a meeting last year, which is great, it may be worth trying to get one. The Propoints system did work for me 1st time it is only since I started this time around that I am having problems. It is way more flexible on this system so it's worth giving it a try. Do you know how many points you are allowed(it differs from the old system). Roughly it is 1 Propoint = 40 cals. hope this helps, good luck :)
Well the minimum you can have is 29 per day and on top of that you have 49 per week to use as and when you need/want to use them. You no longer save any up if you don't use your daily allowance (but there are always the extra 49 weekly points if you are going out etc.), let me know if you need any help x
Hello, thank you. So go on 29 points, most fruit and veg is zero now too. Plus 49 extra. And any unused points including 49 ate just disregarded? I am 27 years, 11 stone 9 and 5ft 5...so I will go on basis of 29 daily points. Wow that's much better! Will give it a go! Thanks very much xx
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Hi there

@ Confused - are you weighing and tracking EVERYTHING? That would be the 1st thing a leader would ask you

@Shell - if you have an android phone there is an app on the market place called Weight Watchers Diary. I think it cost me about £1.69. I would definately recommend it over the free ones. It lets you pick if you want to do the new pro-points system or the old discover. There is a tracker on there and a search engine with over 20,000 foods on so you search points value on almost anything and obviously the calculator and it shows you a graph of you progress! I really rate this if you have access to it :)

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum :)
Hi Wendy, yes I am tracking everything. I was on Propoints before and it worked fine so I can't understand why I'm not losing. I am considering either trying to get to a meeting (though this will be really difficult at the moment) or giving up on it totally and trying something else.
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Ah bless you :( I really feel for you. It's really difficult when you know you are restricting yourself and being disciplined and you don't get the results you deserve. Try sticking with it though, you never know you might just get a woosh and lose a load at once.

Just one more thought..... are your scales working correctly?

Hope you get a loss soon honey.

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I don't think you are eating enough, may sound mad but may be the problem.

When I started I ate my daily's but saved weekly's and lost but I wasn't exercising. Then I started to earn a lot of activity points through the gym and cycling (cycling burns a lot of calories depending on your speed and how hard your ride is) so I started to eat my daily's and weekly's but not my activity points and my weight loss was better than before.

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S: 18st4lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 40.7 Loss: 0st4lb(1.56%)
Also I have an application on my phone called endomondo that I use when cycling, it has gps tracker and tells me my average speed and how many miles I've done, I use it as a guide to how hard I'm working x

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I will agree with Gail in that you may not be eating enough.

I started out with 37 daily points & always ate them but did not eat my weeklies as i struggled to eat my daily points plus I was going to zumba classes 5 days per week & my weight loss was either very small or I was STS each week.
So my WW leader advised me to drop my exercise off a little & try to eat some weeklies.
I dropped to 3 classes per week & ate around 10 of my weeklies each week & voila the sclaes stared to move.

My PPs have now dropped to 34 per day but I have also upped my classes to 4 or 5 a week depending on my job & the weight is steadily coming off. I am also eating up to half of my weeklies too.

I never eat my APs though & I am earning between 30 & 50 APs per week. xxx
Thanks for the repiles everyone, I will try increasing PP's by using weeklies, it sort of goes against the grain doesn't it? I have downloaded the Endomondo app so will be using that tomorrow x
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runkeeper is a good one for tracking ur activity exercisea - Really fab!!
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Put a couple of food diaries on here so someone can check wether u are eating too much/ too little. There
must be something wrong for you not to have lost at all.

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