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Weight Watchers High Street Store

Hi All,

I was talking to my colleague about Weight Watchers and she informed me that in the US they have specific shops just for Weight Watchers!! How great! Now I have googled any in the UK and surprise surprise there are none but found a article that they were thinking of opening one this year? Anyone know any further information as I think this is definately the way forward and WW would make a killing!
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I can haz cake?
and you can never find ww stuff because its all scattered randomly about the place.. grr.

I think a shop selling any kind of food, but pointing it for you would do well, not even an official ww shop!! :)

otherwise the likes of tesco and m&s wouldn't have taken up the idea of pointing some of their own produce
And the other supermarkets sometimes get it wrong!! I'm very tempted to email ww to find out more info on this!
Ok I've emailed the ww team so will let you know what the response is! Sad I know but I am very excited about this!! Lol
i'd love if the coffee shops did ww snacks, i hate sneaking in my own treat:)
You would think that they would at least have an online shop, just like Tesco etc, that you could go on and order all your ww items,, there would be such a demand for this surely? Even if you had to order a minimum amount...
would this make things more expensive though? as they would have the cost for the shops ie bills for electricity.

on the other hand would be soooo much easier! i tend to avoid a lot of ww stuff as i can never find it!
Rissole that's a really good point/idea! Online shopping would be a great alternative, I know for a fact I would shop online all the time! No one wants to go to more than one supermarket to get the ww products they want as I know we all do!
Just to let you all know I heard back from ww with regards to the above and unfortunately are no plans to open a high street store. What a shame! X
Boooo! That would have been so awesome! Anyone know where the shops are in the US? Im going to America in July and would love to have a nosey!
Yeah, my friend went to the one in new jersey and then there is also one in San Francisco, I've already got my Aunt making a trip there before she comes to the UK!! Lol
I'm not surprised that they're not opening one as people might stop going to meetings! When I went to meetings the snacks and sweets were definitely an incentive to attend.
Hi all, i travel to the states lots due to me being cabin crew, and i must say the weight watchers shops are fab!, they hold meetings 3 times a day a drop in anytime weigh in, and best thing that they sell for me is water flavours being zero points.
I hope that they do open shops here in the uk, as i for one would use it for water flavours :)

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