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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by glitzy, 21 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. glitzy

    glitzy Full Member

    Is it possible to do weight watchers on here? I live in Ireland and cant get weight watchers online. Could someone tell me the plan and how the propoints work?
    Thank you :)
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  3. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    You are given a daily porpoint limit based on your weight height gender and age. you must use them throughout the day. You also get a weekly 49 propoints to use however/whenever you want during the week, you dont need to use all these if your dont want to.

    Majority of foods have propoints with the exception of most fruit and veg which are zero (some have points such as peas, potatos, sweetcorn etc), you can calculate the propoints of foods using a calculator or you can get an app for your smartphone, the pointpoints are based on Protein, Carbs, fat and fibre.

    Hope this helps if you have any more questions please ask
  4. glitzy

    glitzy Full Member

    Thanx very much :)
    Have u had much success??
  5. missbiker

    missbiker Silver Member

  6. glitzy

    glitzy Full Member

    Ok... so i think ive got this... i found a website + i worked out that im allowed 26 propoints per day (female, aged 33, low activity level + 180lbs).
    So if use up the 26 points per day, im also allowed 49 propoints during the week. Averaging out as an extra 7 propoints per day... is that right?
  7. bugsbunny2000

    bugsbunny2000 Proud to be a LOSER :)

    I can't comment on the daily but I'm sure there is a group on this forum specifically to let people know their daily allowance.

    However yes no matter what your daily allowance is, you're allowed 49pp weekly which you can use all at once, 7pp extra a day, use a few here and there or don't use them at all. You will know what works for you. Some people will say "I can't lose weight if I use my weeklies" and others will say "I have to use ALL my weeklies to lose weight" (I hate those people lol jk!)

    Also do you have a smartphone as you could download the Ultimate Value App which helps you with pointing food like WW (minus the WW membership of course!)
    Not EVERYTHING is the Same so take it with a pinch of salt but would definitely help you :)

    Ps found that thread here--> http://www.minimins.com/weight-watchers/176722-how-many-pp-should-i.html
  8. Ciscobelle

    Ciscobelle Member

    Hi Glitzy,
    I bought the books and calculator online so use those to check all my propoints.

    2 yrs ago I joined classes n lost but have lasped since, so am now doing ww at home now.

    I am using the same points the leader allocated me, 28 per day and 49 extras per week.

    I weigh on a friday so use the whole 49 points on friday/saturday/sunday then just 28 a day for rest of week.

    It worked for me last time so hope my body still remembers the rules.

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