weight watchers when pregnant? did you do it??

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by nessee, 1 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. nessee

    nessee Member

    i found out at new year that im pregnant :D at my 1st mw appointment she told me my bmi is 31 :eek: i could be at risk of diabetes because of this :( she advised me to start slimming world but i attempted slimming world before and was always really hungry cuz i cudnt eat food i like. so i thought wat about weight watchers?

    when following weight watchers i eat 3 healthy meals a day along with lots of fruit and veg and never feel hungry. when not following ww i eat uncontrollably :( crisps, chocolate and sometimes skips meal because of eating to much rubbish

    my 1st pregnancy left me feeling monstrous and i was a few stones lighter at the start of that 1 as i am now so im unbelievably anxious about this one :cry:

    has anyone followed weight watchers when pregnant?
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  3. IWillBeAYummyMummy

    IWillBeAYummyMummy Supercalifragilistic

    Ww won't let you join if pregnant :( but you can do it off your own back. We are ttc number 3 and when i fall pregnant i will carry on ww on my own.
  4. nessee

    nessee Member

    think ill do it at home still got the books n calculator :)
  5. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    You don't have to go to the meetings- you can aigrette up to esource and online stuff. That way you have the app and weigh in at home. We will all support you on here too!!!

    Just bear in mind that the app (or use ultimate value app-much better!) will recalculate your points as you gain with you pregnancy. That might be a bit of a mind mess. Not sure what to say! Maybe research how many calories a woman need throughout pregnancy and try cal counting using mfp?

    The nurse really should have been more helpful then saying go loose weight. Maybe u could have another appointment with her and get some safe suggestions or suggest meal plan? Xxxxx
  6. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

  7. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Hey I know people who have followed ww while pregnant. Maybe try Simply Filling with the maintainence weeklies (90). That way you are in control, can eat what foods you like but maintaining what you've done already.

    Best of luck and congrates
  8. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    Are maintenance weeklies really 90 of your doing simply filling? I've never done either! Didnt even think to suggest it!! Xx
  9. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Yip they sure are. I ate SF and used all 90 weeklies and maintained nicely till I fell off the wagon and gained a bit, gonna go back to it when I get back to maintenence
  10. Nemesis82

    Nemesis82 Silver Member

    I loosely followed WW when i was pregnant last year and i lost some weight in the first few weeks and then didn't gain anything for the rest of the pregnancy. My advice is to follow it but don't be too strict on yourself. Its better to stay the same weight than gain because remember you have your wee baby growing now. If you go over your points, don't stress it. See it as a guide rather than a discipline. If you worry too much about points then you will only stress yourself. Make sure you get out and about for some walks. This will help with your weight but also the whole labour process. My BMI during my pregnancy was 39/40 so was a lot higher than yours and while i did develop gestational diabetes in the last few weeks it only had to be monitored and did not require treatment so you will hopefully be fine. Good luck :)

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