Weight watchers works!!


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Well done! It's great isn't it, I don't even feel like I'm on a diet. I weighed myself this morning & I've lost 8lb in 2.5 weeks :)


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That's great news and certainly makes me feel happier that I started WW and will in time see good results x


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Well done everyone on the losses and I totally agree, WW does work! It gives me a plan to work to, for too long I just didn't know what to eat to lose weight but I joined WW last September and lost weight from the first weigh in, the surprising thing to me is that I lost weight the next week too.. I lost weight, it stayed off and I lost more! Amazing!!


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Well done!!! :happy096: I'm probably boring everyone now but OMG I love this diet!! :D 1 stone in 3 weeks without feeling deprived at all....love it, love it, love it :D :D


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Well done!!!!

Tbh I have only just joined WW and my first WI is tomorrow night and I am loving it. I love the fact things are pointed for me, and the foods I like to eat I CAN STILL EAT (i.e. tortilla wraps, pitta bread, chips, fruit and veg, desserts!!) In fact I struggle to fill my 26pp a day!! I am about 2-3lb lighter already (hope official weigh in says that too!) and feel fantastic! xx


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well done for these losses! There's many, many people who can confirm that WW really works, and it's great it works so well for you also!