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Weightwatcher frozen meals your opinion ?

What's your opinion on the WW frozen meals? I used to turn my nose up at them cos I thought they wasnt "filling enough" but since I started actually eating the correct portion size. I really enjoy them and usually I would snack on bread or add a big portion of chips to my plate. Now I add a big pile of mixed veg! I just had the sweet chilli chicken and rice one with loads of carrot and broccoli it was lush! What's your favorite?
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theres not quiet enough for me, i think the portions are slightly too small so depending on the meal i will either have a slice of bread with it or add some veg or sometimes i'll have a yoghurt after it. I love all the pasta ones and the hotpots are great value for points if im having a bad day


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Oh the creamy chicken and mushroom for me. Chicken not great but sauce is lovely on the pasta. I only have them now and again though x


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Ive only tried the ones from iceland and find that they are too small at 5 pp. they are ok but like the light choices ones from tesco's better tbh, they are more filling and like the flavors better.
The chilli and wedges save the day at 6pp.. I normally have 2 tho at the moment as I can have a lot of points. Chicken hotpot was edible too.
the chicken hotpot and beef one are too small for me, but i love love love the chicken dinner one. there only £1.50 in iceland and are soooo yummy. i also love the chicken pasta bake nomnomnom


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I enjoy the tagliatelle meal. I usually fry in 5ml of olive oil some mushrooms, red onions and some mixed peppers and then when the meal has 'pinged' I pour it over the veg and let it cook for another minute or so.

Had it tonight as not feeling well and couldnt be bothered to cook, had it with mushrooms and and 2pp of sweetcorn. :)

I also like the ww mash with their sausages mmmmmmmm


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I love both hotpot ones - chicken and beef. I have the chicken with veg and the beef one with bread and butter if I have the PP.

Lately I've been having the ASDA good for you range meals, they're higher in points but some of them are really nice


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I have the beef hotpot in my freezer for when i finish work. By the time i get home its 8.30 so bung one in the microwave and then do a birds eye steam fresh veg bag. If i have points left i'll add some smash. Lovely quick meal
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Monday- thursday i have a ww frozen meal with veg for dinner. I would rather spend my points on snacks and hot chocolates made with milk definetly good for when you cant be arsed and dont want to think about making from scratch, defo get my vote
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To be honest, I am in love with them!!
The bolognese taglitelli is my ultimate favourite din dins and fills me up perfectly.

I find the portions are small but portions have always been an issue with me. The quote 'Eyes bigger than my belly' is ideal for me lol.

So once I have had one of the micro meals, I know it is enough and i have a yogurt (1 point) or a curly wurly (3 points) to fill the little tiny gap left.

:) xx
i luv them ... my faves are the ww from heinz frozen pizza's !! .... great at only 13pp and as a treat once a week you feel like a naughty treat when it actually isn't ! :D

...... and ohh bummer i knew i meant to get something else in asda earlier !!! .... i'm full of cold so couldn't think what i needed and this was one of those things ! .... maybe if i feel better by mid week i'll walk down there (its an hours walk) then get the bus home. .... i'm not sure it would have fitted in my freezer at the moment anyway but i might have had it for tea tonight ! lol


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I personally find the frozen ones to be a bit on the small side for me, so I tend to only have them for work on the days when I'm finishing early. That way it doesn't matter so much, as I can have a bite to eat when I get home.
The chilled ones are better, in my opinion, though, both for portion size and for taste.


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I love most of the frozen ones and fill my plate up with loads of veg. (Although i use a much smaller plate nowadays and the meal looks massive) To be honest I have been living off the frozen meals for the last few weeks and really like them. Tonight I had a ww macaroni cheese which was one of their fresh ones and that was gorgeous and for slightly more points.

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I love most if not all of them, and don't usually have an issue with the size of them :) I do sometimes add veg though even though I'm tempted to mop up the remains with bread, I don't reach for bread if I have veg with them. Suppose it depends how hungry I am!

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