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Weird question but where does all the fat loss go?

S: 21st5lb C: 19st8lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 41.7 Loss: 1st11lb(8.36%)
i may be wrong but, the fat stores we are loosing are getting burned as energy, u put weight on by eating more fat etc than we need so it uses the energy from what we eat rather than what we are storing, so when we loose weight its because we are not eating enough fat so our boddies take the fat / energy from our stores and bur that there for meaning we loose weight.. thats why sw works, its not particulary the volume of food its the calorie content as thats the measure of energy hope ive put that right.. so basically our bodies conver the fat into energy making it disapear..
nic x
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Its quite complicated but basically the body uses fat stored in our body and breaks it down to provide energy for the body. If I remember right the by products are water and carbon dioxide - these waste products would be excreted via respiratory system and in faeces - very dodgy memory of A Level so I am happy to be corrected! xx


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Yep, both the above are right, well..except for this bit

u put weight on by eating more fat etc than we need
...which isn't exactly correct...it depends. You put on weight by eating more calories than needed. Could be fat, could be carbs, could be protein. Depends where the calories are coming from.

Eating fat within calorie levels wont cause a gain.
S: 21st5lb C: 19st8lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 41.7 Loss: 1st11lb(8.36%)
kd, thats what i meant i was just starting to rammble!!!! sorry!! x


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Because I'm strange and a Doctor Who fangirl, all I could think of was this:


emma b

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its well complicated. i think i understand! ha ha
S: 21st5lb C: 19st8lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 41.7 Loss: 1st11lb(8.36%)
hey hunni!! glad to c u on here!!
lady helen if my fat was that cute i think id keep it as a pet in a cage or sommat!!!


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If only weight loss was as easy as the Dr Who episode made it look lol


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It is being burnt off, like a car burns fuel, the more exercise you get the faster the fat is burned off.


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that mings i could be breathing fat on people yuck yuck yuck, i do keep my fat in a cage it's called my baggy cardigan lol


Hello everyone

I would like to add something to the "debate on fat cells". What is very significant for those of us who "yo-yo" with our weight is the fact that fat cells in the body never actually go away. When we lose weight the fat cells collapse as the energy within them is metabolised by our bodies(when we change the balance and eat less calories and do more activity). That is why it is so easy to put weight on again when we are not keeping a watchful eye on this "balance". Those annoying fat cells are there always waiting to spring back to life.

We make a lot of extra fat cells to store the excess that our bodies take in when we have more calories than our bodies need on a day to day basis. As adults we can only work to keep these fat cells as empty as possible. What is very important though is that we can make sure that our children do not make too many of these fat cells in their early years then they are less likely to struggle in the way that most of us obese adults do!

DRINK, DRINK TO MAKE YOU SHRINK?? Well as the liver is an important organ in the body in terms of breaking down and utilising fats that we take in - we can enable the liver to do its job most effectively by not having to deal with too many other toxins in the body(high fat diets; too much alcohol). So when you are drinking one of those 8 glasses of water a day you are really giving your liver a break and a treat!

That is the rational side of my head speaking - now I must go an practically apply all of that information myself!!

Daisy x :)

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