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Weird !!

are you eating enough??

are you drinking enough??

if you ate lot the week before you might not see the results for the first week.
I dont think Im drinking enough and probs arent eating as much as I could
But I feel so guilty if I do eat. Its really weird !
please dont feel guilty about eating, your body needs food to survive and won't lose weight when it feels deprived i actually lose more weight when i eat more just give it a little more time and i am sure you will see the results x
Its so weird though , I feel guilty If I have a snack , Even if Its really healthy, My head seems to think of it as unnecessary calories
Just did a rough calorie count and I think Im at 1200ish for the day ?
I used to feel like that at the start, i think its a natural thing, we know were on a diet/weightloss/healthy eating plan and think we shouldnt snack, but these snack (one low fat) are what keeps us going through out the day1 Just try and relax!!
Lea, firstly don't make the mistake of been afraid to eat.......if you don't eat enough your body goes into starvation mode and you won't loess anything..........so make sure you know how many calories to eat........remember you don't get fat on fruit and veg ........if your having no fat in your meals then Xenical won't work either....stick to the 5g rule and remember what you eat now is what you are going to eat forever......so you need to get this right from the start :):)
At 5ft 9 your calories will be more than 1200.......if you don't eat enough you can actually cause internal problems........I would personally aim for 1450 calories a day....here is a calculator to work it out ...Get Into Shape Stay Fit - Meal Plans & Workout Routines To Burn Fat & Build Muscle
secondly...its important to have a good water intake....really cold water makes your body burn fat so as to heat it......drink at least 2 litres of water

snacks ....make them as low fat as possible...by eating small snacks between your 3 meals you are keeping your metabolism raised .........i eat soreen malt loaf....fruit.....snack a jacks

Goodluck hun and stay strong....REMEMBER THIS IS'NT A DIET........THIS IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE :):)
Okay so change that !!
Lol , Had a oily experience today , was fine , just felt the need to go to the toilet and it happend there ., so no accidents away from loo !!
HEHE But yay, 1st week done and down 5 llbs :)
Feeling Happy about this ?

Quick question

How long after eating something fatty, does it take to have the side effect ??
Well done on losing 5lb, brilliant!!

I think it depends on each person regarding eating something fatty and getting the side effects and maybe even what you have eaten, sometimes with me it can be 2 days, but also sometimes it can last awhile too!!
Just because I dont actually recall eating something bad yesterday or the day before which would cause a oily situation ??
But an hour before I had a couple of choccys ??? Strange
Weird isnt it !!
Oh well at least Im down !!
So blooming chuffed !! Just want to dance for Joy !!
I think its so easy to be skeptical when Its something to do with weight loss. We all spend so much time trying to lose the weight and then when we have the chance to try something that was a huge chance of working.... You can be like NO WAY !!
Haha those evil scales !!
Well done hunny on losing 5lb :)

Remember when you keep thinking about losing weight you will actually halt the loss...........so just go day to day as you would your not on a diet but a lifestyle change so it will all come together......

I haven't been tangoed lol.....but it might of been the chocolate hun .....

thanks hun !

I was thinking just now that , maybe I might get rid of my scales. Im obsessed and Im weighing myself everyday and have had enough of doing it everyday !
I would prefer the surprise of a weekly weigh in on a wednesday on the scales at the DR's surgery.
I weigh myself every Sunday but I keep the scales in the kitchen to remind me not to eat that bit extra :)

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