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Welcome to Newbies 2013 - Say Hello here!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by jaylou, 30 December 2011 Social URL.

  1. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member


    Welcome to all Newbies 2012

    This thread is designed to give you a place to say Hello and to help you navigate the wonderful SW forum of Minimins :D

    Introduce yourselves below, say hello, tell us about your plans :D

    There is a massive amount of information on the forum, all designed to help you with your weight loss journey - it's just a case of finding the information on here.

    Take a bit of time to look around, read through the stickys and the sub-forums. These have been created at the request of minis users, and at first may appear confusing, but they do help locate information without duplicate postings - and they also keep the main SW forum board clear.

    The search facility is very useful - remember, someone has probably asked the question before;)

    The first section on the forum is for all the sub-forums and I've listed some of them below:

    Syn Values

    Please post all syn value requests here Syn Values - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum

    Some of the most frequently asked syn values are stuck - e.g. syn free yoghurts, joes sausages, ready meals. If your post isn't answered as soon as you'd like, please don't duplicate post in the main forum.

    Healthy Extras

    Please post all healthy extra queries here
    Slimming World - Healthy Extras - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum


    Slimming World Recipes - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum

    This is where people post their favourite recipes but also a place to ask "what can I do with......" or "how can I cook......"

    Food and Weight loss diaries

    There are 2 sub-forums for diaries, if you want to post your foods use the food diary thread, if you want to post your weight loss journey then post in the weight loss diary thread.

    Eating out

    Slimming World - Eating Out - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum

    This is for Chinese, Indian, Italian, Pub Grub, Wetherspoons etc

    And the wonderfully busy Off Topic sub-forum for anything non SW related. We are a chatty lot on here!

    Slimming World Off Topic - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum

    The second section is for Stickys

    These are threads which have been part of the main forum at some point, and which people have found very useful so have asked for them to be "stuck".

    Finally there's the main SW forum for anything not covered above!!

    Welcome one and all - hope SW and 2012 is your plan and your year -go ahead, say hello!!
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  3. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    Excellent idea Jay!
  4. elysium

    elysium Full Member

    I've just joined up again online, so hello! I plan to lose 3 stone and get back to a healthy weight.
    jaylou likes this.
  5. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member


    Is this going to be put into the Sub Forums? it'll get lost in here! :)
  6. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    Not sure VC - I didn't know if Newbies would find it in there?

    Might have to see how it goes but I reckon it'll need moving. Starlight or Mini will advise I'm sure :)
  7. tootsweets

    tootsweets Member

    Hia, im toots, joined slimming world the week before xmas and lost 4lb. Im hoping that hasnt all gone back on at the next weigh in. Ive started back on plan this morning, and im so excited about the new me 2012 is going to bring. Im 16.5 (was 16.9) and my first goal is to get to 14 and then ill see from there.

    Good luck everyone x
  8. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    If it was clearly visible i'm sure they would see it :rolleyes:

    Yeah it would definitely get lost in here, once it goes to page 2 it would be gone forever lol

    Brilliant idea tho so hopefully they use it!
  9. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    This thread will be staying in the Main SW Forum for newbies as their first port of call and I myself along with other members and the moderation team can direct newbies who are either doing or contemplating doing SW to this thread which Jaylou has kindly taken time to do which will be very helpful in navigating the SW sub forums.
  10. Brothers Slim

    Brothers Slim Full Member

    Good afternoon... I'm Gareth...

    I've just joined up at a local meet after yoyo-ing for many years... Granted I am not one of the heaviest people around but at 13st 2lbs but I am not happy and want to feel how I did again when I was 11st 7lbs.

    Luckily I have a Target Member girlfriend who is going to keep me on the straight and narrow as I love my food and ale a little too much... :)

    My target is to reach and keep my weight off by Easter but if it takes longer then so be it as long as it doesn't go back on again...

    Good luck to all the other Newbies along with me, 2012 will be our year... :D
  11. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    Welcome Gareth!!
    I'm sure you'll be there in no time, especially with your girlfriend keeping an eye on you!
  12. Walter Bishop

    Walter Bishop Full Member

    Welcome to the greatest eating plan there is!
  13. Brothers Slim

    Brothers Slim Full Member


    Is that your real name or a nod in the direction of the great TV series that is 'Fringe'...?
  14. Lucky7

    Lucky7 Gold Member

    Well done Jay - lovely thread.


    Don't forget about the Off Topic area. A great place to vent, share, mooch around, have a giggle,etc. re things that aren't strictly SW related. I know that in the past being able to post a trouble or gripe on there has just made the difference between comfort eating or not, and on a day when there's been no work or play to be had for one reason or another, browsing through it has stopped me boredom noshing as well.
    Mini likes this.
  15. lexi30

    lexi30 Full Member

    Hi All,
    I joined this forum back in 2010 and was good and lost 4 stone. But now at the start of 2012 I have put about 1.5stone back on. So now I still have over 5 stone to lose.
    I am very mad at myself!!!

    So, I am hoping that slimming world and this forum will be the answer.

    So take care everyone, have a fun new years eve and raise a glass to a thinner and heathier 2012 xxx
    Mini likes this.
  16. Walter Bishop

    Walter Bishop Full Member

    Hi Brothers Slim,

    Nah, my real name is Kirsty but my user name is indeed in hommage to the great man from Fringe. :D
  17. holiday-dieter

    holiday-dieter Silver Member

    I'm relatively new.. new as in joining group on Wednesday but been around many times before :( 2012 will be the year I stick to it though, so will definately not be 'rejoining' next January (2013 lol!) I'd like to lose 8st overall, but first target is to get to 13st!

    Good luck everyone :)
    Mini likes this.
  18. nuttykaty

    nuttykaty Member

    Hello everyone
    Back to slimming world on Wednesday to rejoin after gaining nearly all I lost :(
    Hopefully by reading and posting on here it will keep me on track and give me new ideas too x
  19. Brothers Slim

    Brothers Slim Full Member

    Then good lady I doth my cap in your direction... :D

    I'm hooked to that series... I never even knew about it 6 months ago so I sped up to date and can't wait for each episode each week...

  20. Brothers Slim

    Brothers Slim Full Member

    Good luck... You'll get there... We'll all get you there... :gen126:
  21. Brothers Slim

    Brothers Slim Full Member

    Good luck Katy...

    I was shocked to see the same, granted I hadn't returned to 15st but the dreaded 13st that haunted me for 18 months...

    I'm now back on it and ready to shift forever...

    We can do it... :party0023:
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