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well helllo there

so just because i was saying how ill post more, and well , seeing as no1 else has posted there is nothing for me to reply to... so thought i'd start up again.

i managed 1000 cals today, and aint hungry, strange. and NO i wont be doing 1000 every day, just an unusual day 2day. normally im 1600.

worked out my bagel and cream cheese is about 270 cals not bad.

oh just remembered that i forgot to add my smoothy, let me go check how many cals that is... ok so still on 1126 cals for today, not bad.

maybe ill just rambel on here for a while, altho thats what a blog is for, but nee more ppl posting here, u will eventually get sick of my randomness, an start chatting amongst urself to keep urself ammused and shut me up lol
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I love bagels with cream cheese :D and I was surprised too that it doesn't have anywhere near the calories I thought it would. I find I always used to either highly over or underestimate the calories in my food.

When I first started really taking notice of calorie content in foods, there were a lot of surprises for me. I feel so much more educated about food in general now, which is an empowering feeling to be honest.
right so now i'm 1256 cals for today. I'm feeling a lil hungry now tho, bagel time maybe? hmmmm how low do calories need to get before the whole hunger things sets in and you jst en up putting on weight? i put on 2 lbs today :(
oh no 1667 cals today, didnt eat much all day, however my dinner was higher cal,
just checked cals for rice from differnt places and there is a huge differnce in uncooked rice cals. strange. using FoodFocus so just choose the unbranded version, which is 135cals per 100g, anyone know if thats right?


Warning-Contains Nuts
I'm not sure about rice, as I don't tend to eat it much....It might be worth cross-referencing your info with the info on different brands websites if you aren't sure? :)
im not to worried about it really, i mean im eating half the cals i 'use' a day, so a few extra wont hurt, its a change in life style this is dealing with, and learning to dish up the rite portion size.

I was on a VLCD two years ago, and when when i start eating after that i just couldnt eat as much as i used to be able to. so i was eating alil of everything, but not always good things.

so this is now showing me how much i need to eat and of what.
Eg, indian sweets, are tiny, but the cal count is huge... i could eat a few of them, but that was half my cal count for the day, on just a snack.

oh well hope u all had a good wkend

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