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Well, helloooo there!


Getting thinner everyday!
Just a quick "how do you do " to everyone on here.

This is my second time on LT after having a baby l've now been on it a few weeks. I lost 70lbs the first time in 6 months.

I am very determined as I can remember how absolutely fantastic it felt to be slim. I did go on LT with a view to losing weight to have a better pregnancy as I put on loads of weight with my first pregnancy so knew it would probably happen again and I'd need to re-do LT. So here I am. Focussing on how fab it felt to be slim and utterly determined to feel that again.

Hope you are all having a good day

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Good luck Hun, I'm sure you will be just as successful this time around

Welcome to the family lol

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Welcome and good luck x x
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Hello, welcome and good luck!! :D


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hey! welcome aboard..you know the drill you will fly through it! best of luck :) xx


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Lots of luck

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Getting thinner everyday!
Thanks for the welcomes everyone!


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Good luck! I gained lots during my pregnancy, about 6 stones, I would love another baby but I need to shift this weight first. I just hope I've learned that being pregnant doesn't mean u should/can become a human dustbin! X
S: 18st0lb C: 18st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Welcome Missy Moo! Is your ticker updated? How much you wanna lose now? I have three stone before my May wedding but ultimately its a long term thing - not just to look good in the dress! as I want to get pregnant again straight after! my son is 13 and I put on about 5/6 stone with him, I remember feeling so vile for about 2 years after that I cannot do that to myself again. As you probably know everybody on here are so motivating and I don't think I'd have got to day 10 (double figures!!!) without them! You can do it x


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Hi Missy moo, coooooeeeeeeyyyyy, how you doing? :D You've done it before, you know what to expect and you know you can do it, definitely seems like you could teach us newbies a thing or 2!

Look at your stats, you're going great guns! I'm on day 9 and getting into the swing of things now. Can't say I know anything about pregnancy so won't chip in on that convo. I have no excuses for getting this big but I will NEVER be this size again. Have you been 100% throughout? And how did you manage on TFR throughout Christmas?

A huge pat on the back for getting back on LT when it would probably have been easier not to! All the best xx


Getting thinner everyday!
Hello there Yeye - I gained around 6 stone as well during my first pregnancy and promised myself I wouldn't do that in my second but..... I did!!!
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Getting thinner everyday!
Hi Lolapink - yes my ticker is updated. I have set myself 30 lbs and once I reach it, I'll change it. In all I want to lose all the weight I put on so I can fit into my clothes again. I have purposefully not bought any new clothes as an incentive to get my weight back down so am managing with a very few old clothes from before my LT days.

You've made a really good start in week 1. Well done to you and you'll be at target for your wedding no probs.
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Getting thinner everyday!
PaulaJ...hello to you. I took December off as I couldn't afford LT and Christmas. So my weeks are a bit out.Between week 4 and five there is a time gap.

So really in effect this is my day 10 now after Christmas. I was 100% for six months in 2009. This time I have been 100% for the weeks I've been on it. I wouldn't have come off it at christmas if I thought I could have afforded it. Last time I did it, I stuck to it on holiday, birthdays, Easter, family occasions etc. So I know I can do it and am determined to keep going until I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight.

You've made a fab start Paula. LT is such a great journey and as the weight comes off, the results are so worth the sacrifices. I remember feeling uncomfortable lying in the bath as my bum had none of the padding it was used to..lol ..And seeing hips which had been lost for years. And not feeling like the biggest person in the room..all these I'm remembering and I want it back!


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S: 16st4lb C: 16st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st2lb(0.88%)
i think the feeling like youre the biggest person in the room is the one that always gets me! i always notice it! but not for long yayy! glad your back on board and in the swing of things..keep at it and youll have those feelings back in no time! x

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