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well,here goes another week,hope i dont sts

after a really massive gain...7lb...in a week last week i was determined to do a exellent week.i done green days as i usually do ee,i was 100%,didnt cheat or nibble or pick or anything.i weighed on saturday to find i was exactley the same :confused:
i know a 7lb gain in a week is awfull but ive just had the worst july in history,so many bad things had happened all within a couple of weeks,if i told you youd never beleive me.

so back on ee this week and im hoping to lose,well the 7lb would be nice but cant see that happening but somekind of loss would be good.

i was 11st 6lb a fortnight ago,im now 11st 12lb.its so annoying,that was the lightest ive ever been and i was only 3lb away from my 3 stone target.

any suggestions on how i can have a fab loss this week .at the moment im having a fruit overload

sorry,rant over x
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what about having ago at success express or some red days? unless your a veggie i always have a good week with red? try lots of fish as well as that always helps? good luck! xx


Now to maintain.....
fingers crossed you dont sts!
im hoping to not sts tonight too!
im not a lover of fish really,i will eat cod but got to really fancy it.i always feel really hungry on red days so dont really do them.i usually have really good losses on ee but when i had that massive gain i thought id try green to see if i could shirt it a bit quicker but no,nothing . gonna be 100% again this week and maybe il have a good loss,fingers crossed,weigh in on sat x


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Try having more food with the SS symbol and drink more water (that seems to help). You only have 5.5lbs to lose, so don't be too hard on yourself as normally those last few lbs come off slower than normal. You will get there, but "enjoy the ride" :)


Now to maintain.....
you will do it!!!!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I tried mostly green days after a gain and managed a 4lb loss - beans are superspeed so try and eat plenty of them! I also ate a hell of a lot of strawberries - again superspeed x x x
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Will be thin god dammit!!
ah yes well you might wanna eat them seperately!
Sorry to hear you've had a bad month, hope things are getting better for you now.

I've only ever done extra easy so I can't really compare but i would think eating lots of beans would help because of the extra fibre. It will "clear you out" so to speak...ahem ;)xx
beans on toast for dinner for me then,i love beans but do find on ee i dont have them cos there not part of the superfree food,they are ss but they not part of the 1/3rd you sposed to have,does that make sense.i usually have peas cos there on the list as part of your 3rd superfree.god im confusing myself now x


Will be thin god dammit!!
Sorry yeah i meant superspeed not superfree - These superspeeds are supposed to melt the weight away!
I'm afraid I haven't been doind the 1/3 superfree thing very well but it deosn't seem to have affected my losses so far. This is only my third week though so time will tell.

Someone told me peas are not super free either or sweetcorn. I still tend to add peas to things though coz I love them.

I am making a moroccan chicken and chickpea stew tonight can't wait :eating:x

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