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Well here i go again...............

Hi guys,
Not sure if any of you remember me, i used to come here alot. Anyway cut a very very long story short, i lost alot of weight on LL then slipped and went onto CD which was a disaster just could never get bak into, andyway since then i have tried and tried time and agin to get bakl onot CD and now weigh alot more than i did lol. I have tried all the CD plans but just cannot do it anymore, i think i had my shot at VLCD before and have blown it now lol. Anyway i am seriously considering going bak to WW, i was going to do it online but do think i need the meetings plus they are a gud way to meet people i think, I have been thinking about it for awhile now and am ready to take the plunge again, i am just hoping i can get used to the smaller losses that i will have WW then again i have to keep thinking that this is long term etc.

Anyway just wanted to post to say hello again to all who knew me and hello nice to meet you to all the ones that don't lol. Hope it will be ok for me to post on here i really think i gonna need it lol. I really does think it helps me to post on here i just need to get back in the habit.

I have looked on WW site and my next class is next tuesday evening so think i will join that one or theres one on wednesday morning so whichever one i choose i will be starting next week. I am looking forward to it now.

Bye for now

Love Busybee XXX
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The Me Is Back.........
Welcome back and good luck on your new weight loss journey, may it be a short road with little traffic on the way.

Hi 4busybee
I did not know you last time - I am new on here. I did LL last year and just got fed up of not eating "proper" food plus my LLC left after foundation and I just did not like the new one in Developers so gave up. I tried to do it myself as I had plenty of packs but was just not disciplined enough. Anyway I joined WW on Tuesday night and want to lose 2 stone before my birthday beginning of June so that is 1.5lbs per week - doable I think? I too am concerned about the smaller losses compared to VLCD but know each weeks loss will be much less than on VLCD. Good luck and if you want more support just PM me and maybe we can swap email
Good luck xxxx


Taking it Day by Day
Hi 4busybee!
I too am an ex LLer, had to stop due to financial reasons and weight started creeping back on over christmas. I was not sure which diet plan to follow other than that I knew I could not face going back to shakes. I tried at home for a few days as I had some packs left but I just couldn't do it anymore. I too feel I need the support of a meeting and after a lot of soul searching and thanks to reading some of the diaries on here I decided to joing WW. I can only say that it is great, and I am really enjoying it.

The losses will be smaller but I hope more sustainable as we are really learning to manage ourselves around food everyday. And that includes the unhealthy options. We just need to learn not to overdo it, and the points are great for keeping track. I find them a lot easier than caloriecounting. I bought myself one of those points calculators and it is a real lifesaver and eyeopener!!! I don't go to the shops without it.

All the best for your meeting next week!

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