Well i did it....

Principessa N

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and joined group. I'm so glad i did as there is a new leader and she is lovely, she's promised not to let me give up. Although in the few weeks i've not been on plan i have put on 10.5lbs :mad: stoopid women.
So i've had my last meal (kfc)
:4633:and i a m going to stick to it this time .
Wish me luck!!!!!!!
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The weekly weigh in will help keep you on track along with the glass.

Wishing you all the best!:vibes::vibes::vibes:

Love Mini xxx


taking one day at a time
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you have taken the first step good im sure you will do brill x


soon to be skinny minnie
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Good luck, well done for joining class hun x


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Well done you on joining up. I'm sure you'll find the extra support a huge help. We have a new consultant and she's lovely and is so enthusiastic for everyone. The amazing thing is when she took our class over, the few weeks before, the gains almost equalled the losses, but last week she said that as a group we lost 59 pounds and gained 3! Just shows you the difference between a consultant who cares and one who just turns up to weigh you.

Good luck hun, you WILL do this :)

Principessa N

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Joining is def a good thing, i feel more positive about Dieting then i have done in months,
Doing ok today, had my ready brek with raisons today for brekkie :character00115:, My leader says i should have 20-25 syns a day, which sounded alot last night but having got home and ate the last packet of sweets i had, i looked this morning and the packet was 31 syns :eek: so i've synned breakfast and will have free foods for the rest of the day. Doing good so far, might start diary later :party0049:


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well good luck honey i had kidded myself before rejoining i had not put on any weight and gulp had put on loads