Well i should be on day 2 but im not


:( i met my cd c yesterday ,one of the niceset people i have ever met! and trunndled off to the docs for to get my form signed [i hoped] but my blood pressure was high and he wanted me to have a ecg!!!
my mind went in to overdrive and i had a 3 hour wait till they could find a gap in their day to do the ecg any way heart was fine [sigh of relief and loads of tears from me]
blood test tomorrow [didnt know i needed an mot!!] and see doc friday please cross your fingers for me that he will sign it ,thanks all,,
hey honey.. you will get there best to be in your best health before starting eh??? at least when you start you will get the best run possible with no interuptions!!!

imagine if you had have started and then found you had high blood pressure you would have had to stop doing the diet until you got the all clear..

chin up honey you will be there in a matter of days :D :D :D


Gen xx
just try to keep chomping at the bit, not literally ha ha, and you will be under starters orders pronto

good luck with your doc and keep us informed!!


Gen xx
i will of course ,,,:) ..can any one else who has been here [the high blood pressure bit] and the dr form bit give me a bit of moral support
Hi almostanagel,

Love your user name :D

Before I started on a vlcd my blood pressure was high and my doctor wanted to put me on medication and I said no way I was taking medication, that I was doing this diet and that it would bring down my blood pressure and she did not believe me and was not happy about me doing a vlcd as she knew nothing about them at the time...when I went back a couple of months later she gasped when she seen all the weight I had lost as well when she took my blood pressure she said..."text book perfect":D :D :D

I think it is great that your having all these tests done for when you go back each month or whenever your Doctor wants you back you will have a record there to see how you are getting on and it is good to have a doctor monitor your if you do have high blood pressure or have had difficulty with your blood sugars.

All these have normalized for me.

I know how hard it is for you just now as you have it in your head to start and your ready for the off.

Love Mini xxx
thank you ,,i know that my blood pressure is because of my weight ,of course it is ,,i need to lose half my body weight ,if any one wants to join me for a chat any time im on [email protected] [msn] its so odd ive been dieting since aged 8 [when my mum used to send me to school in knickers that held your tummy in!! and this is the first time i have known for sure in my head that i will get to be a "normal" weight ..
welcome and best wishes

hi almost... try not to worry too much hun.:)

I have had high blood pressure since Dec 2004 and am on medication. It was recently reduced in dosage but with my weightloss since starting CD it is coming down too! :D

High Blood pressure can be for a number of reasons - mine was brought on my a massive shock and change in my life. I was not at my heaviest either!:rolleyes:

My GP signed all the consent forms, no problem. That said, we are all very different, but I truly hope you get the go ahead... I can tell you that it has made a massive difference to my life already and I've only been doing it a month!:eek: I'll add you to my msn messenger tonight. Would love to chat with you some time. I too still need to lose at least half my bodyweight.. so know exactly where you are at!:D It's not going to happen overnight but it will be worth it!;)

IF your doc says no, then don't panic:eek: ... there are other alternatives... the thing to remember is that you are all fired up and determined to make this committment to get rid of the weight. So... whatever the outcome, hang on to that enthusiasm and you WILL find the solution!

Best wishes to you and welcome to the madhouse! lol
aww thank you ffand f ,:) im just back from my blood test and will see the doc on friday again, would love to chat on msn maybe see you there later,well done with what you have alreday done,,oh ps everyone my girls think i should go on x factor so i said if ive lost loads of weight by next summer i will,,,,!! why do i say these things haha:p
Hi babe
Hope all goes well?
Try not to worrie.my hubby had HBP when he started Cd and he was soon losing weight and off the meds.
You will get there I know what you meen though you are so ready to do it you do not want to wait.
While you are waiting try to cut down your carbs and up your water intake.
Fingers Xed for Friday
Hey!! Do not worry your little self about it. an EGC is nothing, apart from the nakedness ...thats the worst bit!! I've had a million ecg's (well, 3 but thats enough) because my heart goes fast. I've also had an echocardiogram and a 24 hour tape!! and they found nowt wrong with me.

The ECG monitors your heart rate and shows individual beats, but not your blood pressure so I'm confused why he would send you for an ECG? maybe it shows something I don't know...:confused:

Don't worry, they are just being cautious!! :rolleyes: they don't want anything bad to happen to you.
thanks,the ecg was him being cautious because my bp was high,[i think] well re the naked ness,,! wasnt too bad as was just top off and was over in mins so i coped was more worried they would find a problem ,so at least they are giving me an mot! anyway ,how do i add a pic and the gage thing,? i will do that on friday I HOPE!! lol,
well that was a fun half hour!! not!!
had call from drs surgery,,saying the doc wanted to talk to me.in ten mins! 20 mins later the doc rang! meanwhile im thinking i would end up in hospital tonight ,as i only had blood test this morning,,doc said my thyroid levels are realllllllllllllllllllllly wrong and wants to up my tablets ,,i asked if that was it ,yes,,well thats all they had faxed back anyway!
so im now trying to calm down from my panic! ,,well if nothing else apart from being the scariest week ive ever had it has so given me the will power kick to NOT NOT NOT stay like this for the rest of my life,
message to me,
dear almost,if your reading this you feel like giving up on cd
DONT DONT DONT!! remember how you felt the day you had the ecg ,the day you had your blood test,and how you dont want to feel that way again,think of being healthy and fit,and and getting rid of this body that the real you has borrowed for most of your life and wearing your real slim healthy body...go girl xx love me
Health issues are really scary, of course it has panicked you. But losing weight can only be good, everyone agrees that they have had health improvements since their weight has gone down, not to mention what it will do for your confidence and appearance.
If your doctor has given you the go-ahead then you go for it, good luck with the journey and remember there are plenty of ears to scream into and shoulders to cry on here at minimins.