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    Weight Watchers
    Hello strangers! Sorry I haven't been here for a while, a lot of (horrible) stuff was happening at work, and I realised that I was obsessing far too much about my weight and decided that I needed a break. I'm sorry I didn't post.

    So much has gone on with me. First thing - weight. Well I'm having time off until after Easter. I realised that I stick to something better when I have a little while to focus on a particular date. So either Monday or Tuesday (there may still be some chocolate left on Monday) I'm back to trying to lose weight. I still haven't made up my mind as to whether I'm going to follow Weight Watchers or just listen to my body. Fitz recommended the book Amazon.co.uk: Beyond Chocolate: How to Stop Yo-yo Dieting and Lose Weight for Good: Books: Sophie Boss,Audrey Boss
    to help me. Thank you. I haven't ordered it yet, I've ordered Amazon.co.uk: Breaking Free from Emotional Eating: Books: Geneen Roth
    and am waiting for that first.

    One thing I have decided on is that I'm not going to weigh myself anymore. It's got to a stage where I know the weight I'm going to be before I step on the scales... That not only screams weirdness to me, but obsession.

    Also, complete change of path in life. I'm not working towards media anymore. I realised that the reason I made such a radical change was because I was 1) lonely with regards to friends 2) lonely with regards to relationships 3) unhappy where my life was heading and 4) unhappy with my work. So I picked a job that seemed to be in a glamourous profession, but I've realise that not only is it not glamourous, it also won't challenge me. Running errands and making teas and coffees won't make me think. So...

    I'm applying to go back to college! Hoping to enrol on either an Access course (Science) or a Science Foundation Year Degree course! That will lead to me going to University for three years studying either Zoology, Oceanography or Marine Biology! Very different to Media, but something to do with animals which I have always wanted to do!

    So now... 1) Have been building up relationships with current friends, and they're a lot stronger then they were, 2) need to learn to love myself before I can get into a relationship - which is where losing weight comes in. 3) Now happy with the general direction of my life. Very happy living where I live, and living at home means I can go to University. 4) Will be leaving in August as (I hope I will be) going to College in September so need a part time job.

    Anyway, very happy, and hope to be back on this site in full swing next week.

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes and for going on a bit. Have had quite a bit to drink this evening. :eek:

    Have missed everyone! :D
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    Wow!! You sound SOOOOO much happier now than you did a few weeks ago! Well done you!!!

    Whatevery path you decide to take diet wise, I hope you keep in touch with us all on here. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested to see how you get on.

    All the best hun!
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    Weight Watchers
    At the moment I'm not sure whether the happiness that is coming across in my post is 100% real happiness, or a small percentage of me being slightly tipsy as well! lol :eek:

    Will definately be posting on here whichever diet I follow. It's like home here! :D
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  5. Marie_D

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    Tipsy is good!! Hehe!!
  6. Starlight

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    Weight Watchers
    Alcohol is good :)

    Welcome back Sparkle... Ive missed you around here. Specially now I have to keep Marie in check ;)

    Seriously its great to see you back and sounding SO upbeat and positive
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    Goal Weight:
    measure up
    Great to have you back ......good luck.
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